Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) is the only non-profit membership organization with national reach that is dedicated to bringing together women in cybersecurity from academia, research and industry to share knowledge, experience, networking and mentoring. WiCyS is a community of engagement, encouragement and support for women in cybersecurity.

As of Fall 2018, UMA became a WiCyS Student Chapter to promote recruitment, retention and advancement of women students in cybersecurity, helping to decrease the gender disparity in the field.

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The name of this organization shall be the UMA WiCyS that is chartered by the Women in Cybersecurity community, hereinafter referred to as “UMA WiCyS Student Chapter.”

The mission of the WiCyS Student Chapter is to build a community within the University of Maine at Augusta (hereafter referred to as “Academic Institution”) that promotes women’s education, participation, and leadership in the field of cybersecurity. The WiCyS Student Chapter shall be familiar with and abide by the Academic Institution’s student organization bylaws, policies, and procedures. The WiCyS Student Chapter is organized with the following purposes:

1. To decrease the gender disparity in cybersecurity.
2. To provide education, mentorship, and networking support to students through the WiCyS community.
3. To promote and recruit women in cybersecurity workforce through the Academic Institution.


1. Consult with your Academic Institution’s Student Government Association (SGA) on the requirements for the membership of on-campus clubs.
2. Membership in the WiCyS Student Chapter shall be open to all students within the Academic Institution without restrictions according to race, creed, age, gender, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, economic status, veteran status, or parenthood.
3. Voting membership shall be granted to all members of the WiCyS Student Chapter.


1. The officers of the WiCyS Student Chapter shall be: President, Vice President, and Secretary. Additionally, an Advisor is required. Other officers may also be established.
2. The officers shall be elected by a ballot. The majority of the votes shall constitute a choice. The election shall be held at an annual election meeting. The officers shall serve for a minimum of one academic year.
3. The officers are encouraged to rotate officer positions and bring new volunteers at least every two academic years.
4. The officers of the WiCyS Student Chapter must identify themselves as aspiring women in cybersecurity.


Section 1: President — Sierra Small (Ware)
The Student Chapter President shall:

1. Lead the WiCyS Student Chapter and manage its activities.
2. Lead the officer meetings.
3. Lead fundraising campaigns.
4. Equally delegate tasks to other officers.
5. Ensure compliance of the WiCyS Student Chapter members with the policies and procedures of the Academic Institution and these bylaws.
6. Vote in the case of a tie.

Section 2: Vice President — Jonna Duvall-Williams
The Vice President shall:

1. Assist the President in managing the WiCyS Student Chapter.
2. Take on the President’s duties if the President is absent.
3. Prepare an annual WiCyS Student Chapter report and submit through an online form provided by the WiCyS Advisory Board.
4. Perform other duties as assigned by the President.

Section 3: Secretary — Lyn Hall, and Treasurer — Brooke Safferman
The Secretary shall:

1. Keep the minutes of officer meetings.
2. Perform bookkeeping for the WiCyS Student Chapter.
3. Assist the President with the WiCyS Student Chapter activities preparation.
4. Handle the distribution of the WiCyS Student Chapter meeting notices through social media, mailing lists, flyers, or any other means of the notice distribution.
5. Perform other duties as assigned by the President.

Section 4: Advisor — Dr. Betina Tagle
The Advisor shall be a faculty member of the Academic Institution. If there is no faculty member available, the WiCyS Advisory Board may approve a non-faculty member to oversee the WiCyS Student Chapter.
The Advisor shall:

1. Assist the WiCyS Student Chapter officers with providing continuity in student leadership change from year to year.
2. Oversee the officers and all WiCyS Student Chapter activities.
3. Represent the WiCyS Student Chapter interests to the faculty and administration of the Academic Institution.

Section 5: Other Officers
In case that other officer positions have been created and assigned, they shall assist the President, Vice President, and Secretary in their duties.


1. The WiCyS Student Chapter meetings shall be held in places that are accessible to all members and non-members of the WiCyS Student Chapter.
2. The election of officers shall be held at an annual election meeting at the end of the academic year.
3. The officers are encouraged to distribute notices of the WiCyS Student Chapter meetings a week prior to the meetings through social media, mailing lists, flyers, or any other means of the notice distribution.


1. All members of the WiCyS Student Chapter must be paid members in good standing of the WiCyS organization. The annual membership fee for students is $15. Such fees are collected through the WiCyS.org website, along with completion of an application form.
2. If officers vote to require additional yearly or monthly dues from the members of the WiCyS Student Chapter, the Secretary shall keep track of dues collected, and all expenditures.
3. Advisor approval relating to dues may be required. The Advisor may veto the decision made by the officers.
4. A request by email will be made to WiCyS for final approval.
5. Dues shall represent a fixed amount throughout the academic year, if established.


1. These bylaws may be amended by a unanimous vote at the officer meeting
2. All bylaws amendments must be approved by the Advisor and WiCyS.


1. Harassment or hostile behavior are unwelcome, including speech that intimidates, creates discomfort, or interferes with a person’s participation or opportunity for participation, in a conference, event or program. Harassment in any form, including but not limited to harassment based on alienage or citizenship, age, color, creed, disability, marital status, military status, national origin, pregnancy, childbirth- and pregnancy- related medical conditions, race, religion, sex, gender, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other status protected by laws in which the chapter meeting or chapter event is being held, will not be tolerated. Harassment includes the use of abusive or degrading language, intimidation, stalking, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, sexual imagery and unwelcome sexual attention. A response that the participant was “just joking,” or “teasing,” or being “playful,” will not be accepted.
2. Anyone witnessing or subject to unacceptable behavior should notify the WiCyS Student Chapter Advisor and officers, Academic Institution’s faculty, or WiCyS Advisory Board, as well as the WiCyS organization.
3. Individuals violating these standards may be sanctioned or excluded from further participation at the discretion of the WiCyS Student Chapter officers or a responsible Academic Institution’s committee.


1. Dissolution of this WiCyS Student Chapter by consent of the members shall consist of a unanimous agreement of all its officers together with a majority vote at a meeting which has been publicized in advance to all members of the WiCyS Student Chapter for the purpose of taking this vote.
2. Should this WiCyS Student Chapter be dissolved, its assets and liabilities shall be transferred to the Academic Institution.