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Applied Science

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Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Applied Science

Available in Augusta, Bangor, at sites statewide, and online

Applied ScienceUMA’s Applied Science program is designed for graduates with their Associate’s Degree who want to attain their Bachelor’s. Our Bachelor of Applied Science Degree is your next step to advance your current career, receive a promotion, improve and expand your business, or simply broaden your outlook on the world.

You might be surprised how close you are to a Bachelor’s Degree. UMA has established a partnership with the Maine Community College System (MCCS), so that most MCCS graduates are more than halfway to earning their Bachelor’s of Applied Science Degree.

In the BAS program, you will focus on a specific knowledge area by choosing an 18-credit minor with a minimum of 6 credits of upper (300-400) level courses.  Click here for a list of UMA minors: 

NOTE:  Minors that are under 18-credits and/or do not have a minimum of 6-credits of upper level courses will not meet the BAS degree requirements.

Along with your program focus, you will also broaden your liberal arts background with courses in English, communications, social and natural science, humanities, fine arts, and mathematics.

It is anticipated that the MCCS’s Associate of Applied Science graduate will transfer approximately 60 credits, including 19-21 credits of general education requirements and a maximum of 39-41 credits of technical/trade courses. The 39-41 technical/trade credits would constitute the Applied Science Major without being named in the degree.

The general education/core courses from the MCCS will, in most instances, include: college writing, speech or technical writing, social science, lab science, mathematics, and humanities. UMA’s 37 credit hour baccalaureate core and general education requirement would need to be met in order to earn the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree. This requirement consists of:


  • Written Communication (6 credits) — ENG101 and 3 credits from ENG102W,  or 317W
  • Writing Intensive Course (3 credits)
  • Oral Communication (3 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits) — MAT100 or higher


  • Fine Arts & Humanities (9 credits) including 3 credits from fine arts and 6 credits from humanities
  • Mathematics, Natural, and Computer Sciences (10 credits) including a natural science with a laboratory
  • Social Sciences (6 credits)

* All core and general education courses will address issues of diversity. The student would need to declare a minor which is identified as at least 18 credit hours. Finally, a minimum of 30 credits of the required 121 credit hours must be at the 300-400 level and a minimum of 6 of those credits must be in the minor. BAS majors will be assigned faculty academic advisors based upon their selected minor.

Required and/or Elective Courses:

The general education component of the BAS will consist of:

Course Credits
College Writing 3 credits
Introduction to Literature, or Professional Writing 3 credits
Mathematics 3 credits
Communications 3 credits
Fine Arts 3 credits
Humanities 6 credits
Natural Science 4 credits
Computer Science 3 credits
Social Sciences 6 credits
TOTAL 34 credits

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When you graduate with your BAS Degree, you’ll be equipped with:

  • a well-rounded understanding of the major functional areas of your chosen minor
  • well-developed written and oral communication skills
  • strong analytic and critical thinking skills and the ability to:
    • utilize current technology
    • understand ethical decision models
    • conduct both quantitative and qualitative analysis of problems
    • form opinions based on analysis
    • support conclusions with evidence

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