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Degree Offered: B.A.
Offered on the Augusta and Bangor campuses

Admissions to the AS in Medical Laboratory Technology is competitive, therefore students added to the wait list are not guaranteed a spot in the MLT program. Prior to fall selections, students on the MLT wait list will be required to submit a 300-word essay addressing why they are interested in the MLT program, what their professional goals are, and what qualities they feel they have that will help them be a good Medical Laboratory Technician. This required essay should reflect the most current intentions and qualities of the prospective student, therefore if a student is not selected for the first fall, they will be required to submit a new essay for subsequent fall MLT selections. Essay requests and information regarding the MLT wait list will be communicated via UMS e-mail, so students are encouraged to regularly check their @maine.edu account or have it forwarded to a preferred e-mail address.

MLT Wait List Requirements:

  • Successful completion of ENG 005 or waiver
  • Successful completion of REA 008 or waiver
  • Successful completion of MAT 111 or waiver
  • Successful completion of a Biology with Lab (grade of C or higher)
  • Successful completion of a Chemistry with Lab (grade of C or higher)
  • 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher


This form is for active UMA students.  
If you are not an active student, you must apply for admissions.  Details can be found here.

Medical Laboratory Technology Wait List

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