UMA’s Department of Learning Success exists to help students develop the skills and find the resources they need to get the most out of college, and successfully achieve their educational goals.  We:

Talk with a member of the Learning Success professional staff in person or by phone to discuss your learning process.  Learn about resources and techniques to help you strengthen your learning effectiveness, and reduce the challenges and stresses of learning.

Pat Bonenfant
Access & Adaptive Technology Coordinator
Phone:  (207) 621-3152 or 1-877-862-1234, ext. 3152

Judith DeMilo Brown
Learning Success Specialist and Tutoring Coordinator
Phone:  (207) 621-3421 or 1-877-862-1234, ext. 3421

Donald Osier
Director, Department of Learning Success
Phone: (207) 621-3066 or 1-877-862-1234, ext. 3066

University of Maine at Augusta
Jewett Hall, Room 195
46 University Drive
Augusta, ME 04330
Fax: (207) 621-3491

Rosemary Begley
Administrative Specialist
Phone: (207) 262-7835

Sally Daniels
Learning Success Specialist and Tutoring Coordinator
Phone: (207) 262-7806

UMA Bangor
Eastport Hall, Room 101A
128 Texas Avenue
Bangor, ME  04401
Fax: (207) 262-7811

Contact the Student Service Coordinator at your nearest University College location.