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Music Faculty

The combination of full time and adjunct music faculty at UMA represents the pinnacle of musicianship, educational excellence, real-world experience, industry savvy and ethics. And no “old school” vibe here! The faculty at UMA understands and proactively participates in the modern music scene, in a multitude of styles and with an impressive compliment of skill-sets. The award-winning UMA faculty is always out in the scene, mixing it up with other regional players and occasionally hosting and playing with nationally respected icons. Master your instrument and become a proficient, concisely accurate exponent of the styles you most enjoy, through the expert influence and guidance of UMA instructors.

Meet the Faculty

Anita Jerosch – Assistant Professor of Music
Trombone, Pedagogy, Music History
Jazz and Contemporary Music Program Coordinator

Richard Nelson – Professor of Music
Composition, Music Theory, Ensemble, Guitar

Noah Cole: Audio and Composition

Gary Clancy: Guitar, Ensemble, Music Business

Marcia Gallagher: Voice, Ensemble, Piano Lab

Duane Edwards: Bass

Scott Hughes: Guitar, Ensemble

Pamela Jenkins: Saxophone, Music History, Pedagogy

John Mehrmann: Aural Skills, Composition

Sean Morin: Songwriting, Composition, Ensemble

Nicole Rabata, flute, Irish flute, Celtic ensemble

Dr. Hyun-Jung (Krista) Kwon, flute, piano, music appreciation, music theory

R.J. Miller, drum set

Christine Letcher, classical voice, classical piano

Eliza Meyer, cello, violin, viola

Scott Vaillancourt, tuba

University of Maine at Augusta