Hone your writing skills while deepening your appreciation of literature. Through discussion and close personal attention, you’ll develop analytical, critical reasoning, and communication skills highly sought after by employers in many fields. These skills will also provide you with an excellent foundation for graduate study.

Degree Offered: B.A.
Offered on the Augusta and Bangor campuses

H Add-on Guidelines

H add-ons or Dually Designated courses taken toward requirements in the Honors program must meet certain criteria. The following is a guideline for H addons, but may also be used as a guide to the creation of honors level work for any classes at UMA.

What is an H add-on?
UMA H add-on courses are intended to allow Honors students to pursue Honors studies in courses that are not designed specifically as Honors-level (HON) courses. Students may take upper level (300-400) courses in their major or as general education requirements and work with the individual instructor to tailor the course to be at the Honors level. This means the student would contract(Honors Course Proposal Form: H add-on) to complete academic work beyond that which is normally required of students in the class. In other words, their work would be above and beyond the regular class requirements.

What Constitutes an H add-on?

The H add-on allows the student an opportunity to study the course content in a critically deeper, broader or more creative manner. Simply increasing the quantity of work required does not constitute an H add on, the work must enhance the content by challenging to the student to develop in-depth understanding of the subject matter.  H add-on courses should provide work that is more appropriate for high-ability, motivated students. Students should expect to spend more time on course content for an honors designation than they would spend for a regular course, and the objective of this additional effort should be on increasing the depth and thoroughness of understanding of the course material to enable students to gain a more profound appreciation of the subject.

H-Add on courses should include some if not all of the following components.

Students will:

    • learn the material beyond the introductory level of the usual course content
    • be challenged to develop in-depth understanding of the subject matters of the course.
    • analyze problems, evaluate possible decisions or actions, and draw reasonable conclusions or generate unique solutions to those problems.
    • study and interpret aspects of the course such as historical development, cultural applications, and theoretical or philosophical disputes that should lead to the students' heightened appreciation of the discipline.
    • participate in activities that encourage independent thinking, creative problem-solving and critical thinking and writing.
    • be given opportunities to develop discipline appropriate research skills, resulting in major documented papers or projects.


How to inquire about H add-ons?

It is the student’s responsibility to develop and propose an idea for the additional Honors level work for the H add-on for the course. The proposed work should be related to the content of the course and meet the guidelines above. H add-ons are at the discretion of the instructor of the course and should be discussed prior to the beginning of the term or within the first few classes.

Steps to requesting the H add-on designation:

    1. Student enrolls in upper level course(s) (300-400)
    2. Student and Instructor discuss the possibility of an H add-on.
    3. Student reviews guidelines and with Instructor input/agreement proposes the work to constitute the Honors designation.
    4. Honors Course Proposal Form is filled out by student, signed by instructor and submitted to the Honors Office for approval.
    5. Student and Instructor communicate throughout term to ensure completion of requirements (onus is on the student).
    6. At the completion of the course, the H-Course Completion Form is filled out by the student, signed by the instructor and submitted to the Honors Office for processing.
    7. Student follows up by checking MaineStreet to make sure the appropriate changes on the formal record are correct.


Materials borrowed and adapted from:
Indiana University:
Lakeland College:http://www.lakeland.cc.il.us/honors/documents/HonorsCourseCriteriaLimitedStudentSection.pdf
Approved: 12.6.12 UMA Honors Council

Spring 2013

UMA Dually Designated Courses: (a regularly offered course that an Honors student can enroll in the HON section of to meet the requirements of the UMA Honors Program).

AME/WST 305 AME 305 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in American Culture Sarah Hentges
BIO 321 Microbiology Peter Milligan
BIO 322  Biochemistry Sheila Bennett
BIO 440 Immunology Peter Milligan
BUA 459 Seminar in Strategy/Policy Planning  Brenda McAleer
CIS 460 Computers & Culture Joe Szakas
ENG 300 Introduction to Literary Criticism Sarah Hentges
ENG 301 w History of the English Language Robert Kellerman
ENG 475w Postcolonial Fictions  Lisa Botshon
HUS 220 Child Mental Health Patricia Clark
HUS 233 Sexual Abuse and Trauma Magdelana Linhardt
HUS 305 Group Process Kim Lane
PSY 308 Human Development William Ellis
PSY 345 Problems and Intervention in Childhood William Ellis
PSY 400 Abnormal Psychology Kenneth Elliott
SSC 289 Topics in Social Science:Global Citizenship Kenneth Elliott
SSC 317 Leadership Seminar Warren Newton
SSC 318 Adolescence, Substance Abuse, Criminality Philip Watkins
WST/AME 305  AME 305 Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in American Culture Sarah Hentges
SSC 289/PSY 289/HUS 289 Special Topics Global Citizenship Lindhardt

 For more information on any of these courses, please see the UMA Course Guide.

If you do not see a 300-400 level class cross listed as an honors course you can do an “H” add on.  You can go to http://uma.edu/honors.html and print off the proposal and completion forms. Make sure it is all right with the instructor. You can also pick up these two forms in the Honors office RSC room 217. Fill out the proposal form and bring it to the office. Once the semester is done have the instructor fill out the completion form and send it back to the office.

What's Happening in the UMA Honors Program Spring 2015

Honors Council Meeting Dates and Locations: Spring 2015 TBD


 2013 Past Events: Augusta

Feb. 14th HPSA Valentine's Day table: card decorating & chocolate give-away
In conjunction with SGA FREE for Students, Thursday, February 14 from 10-2 in the RSC Foyer (Augusta Campus)  

Students - Build your own Plush Stuffed Animal....take pictures with friends in the Photo Booth...enjoy FREE Pizza! Sponsored by your Augusta SGA.

FILM SHOWING: Miss Representation: March 8th 2-4pm in the Klahr Gallery. We will also be having an Empty Bowl fundraiser for the UMA Community Garden (which grows food for the Augusta Food Bank)...$5 bowl can be filled with with crockpot soups. We will be sending out soup sign up list on Feb. 11th and anyone can participate. (Flyer1-13.pdf )
Sign up Feb 11th
Yoga: 12-1pm
Soup 1-4:00pm.
Film and discussion 1:30-4:00pm

Qi Gong (Place TBD)
Wed. March 6, 3-3:45

Wed. March 13, 2-3:00
Wed. March 20, 2-3:00


Yoga-Fridays only
March 8, 12-1:00 (Klahr-- kicking off Soup & Substance)
March 15, 12-1:00 TBD
March 29, 12-1:00 TBD


Organic Dance-Wednesdays

Feb. 27 & March 27 1:45-2:45 (Klahr Center)



Documentary Series Feb 1, March 1, and April 12. Join us for a movie and one hour discussion. Suggested movies are Happy, Paperclips, and Waiting for Superman. 

Chili Cook-Off in February, Friday the 15th. Similar to last year we will have a prize for the chili selected as “People’s Choice”. Open to all, students, families, faculty, and the public. This year we are adding a request for canned goods to donate to the AIO food pantry here in Rockland as the “cost” of admission. It is not required but greatly encouraged.

Expressions Night on Friday March 29, last day before spring break. . We have a form for prospective acts to fill out and a suggested time limit for each act.

Book drive for the prison We will be collecting books from mid-February through the month of April. 


Fall 2012

Augusta Past Events

Thursday, November 29th: -Expressions Student Art Show

All UMA students and faculty are encouraged to submit their creative works to the exhibit. All mediums will be accepted including, dance, photography, performance, drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, essays, short film, short stories, print making and architectural drawings. All submissions must be in Randall, Room 217 by Wednesday, November 28 and you can submit as many works as you like. Please include your name, phone number and title of work so we can get it back to you. Please pick up your work after the show on Thursday or on Friday from 9:00am-1:00pm.
There is no size or framing requirements and all pieces will be accepted into Expressions. Refreshments and snacks will be provided during the show.
Expressions is free and open to the public, so come be a part of the University of Maine community and enjoy some food, fun and creativity.

For more information, contact Joshua Lawrence at Joshua.lawrence@maine.edu

October 11th, 2012healthyharvest-smallicon1x1

Honor's Healthy Harvest: Fun, Food, Fitness & Fu
Co-sponsored by UMA's Go-Global

Thank you to EVERYONE who joined the Go Global and UMA Honors program Healthy Harvest Fest. We welcomed over 30 people who shared in wonderful food from Lentil soup to Chicken Tikka Masala, morning yoga and the closing of our Community Garden with hot cider and pumpkin muffins!!

October 22nd-26th: Clothesline Project

This student-initiated project is aimed toward educating students and the larger community about violence in our culture and communities and inspiring people to take a stand.This collaboration with Women in Curriculum (WIC), Women's Studies, and the HPSA, will include a display of T-shirts painted by survivors of domestic violence, rape, abuse, and other forms of violence.To decorate a shirt, find us on the Augusta Campus Green, October 22-26, weather permitting, or in the RSC Student lounge.

Bangor Past Events

Toys for Tots Toy Drive UMA-wide-Thank you to everyone for a successful toy drive!

October 4th
10am-12noon: Honors Program Interested Faculty Meeting, 214 Lewiston Hall

Thank you to interested Faculty and Students who attended! We are looking forward to a Toys for Tots Drive this Fall on the Bangor Campus

November 1st

Please join us for an Honors Program open house on the UMA Bangor campus from noon-1:00pm in Eastport Hall 124. Come hear about the Honors program, talk with other students who have been involved and grab some food.

Rockland Past Events

November 30th

Expressions night and the Soup event have been combined with a new date of November 30th at 5:30 pm. If anyone would like to be the moderator for expressions let me know, I will be more than happy to surrender the job. Soup/Stew/Pie event co sponsored by the Student Association
Similar to last years Chili contest with prize given out for the most popular dish.Expressions Night-Express Yourself... poetry, writing, artwork, come hear what fellow students are creating!

Dec 14
Game Night with the Rockland Student Association
It's the Friday before finals, that's the point. A few hours to relax and take a breath before studying again.

September 20th 5:00pm
URock Honors open house-informal meeting with current, former and future UROCK students. Thank you to everyone for your input, conversation and food!


The UMA Scholar:

a publication of the UMA Honors Program

Now accepting submissions for the thirteenth annual publication of Critical and Creative Expressions

The UMA Honors Program is now accepting submissions for the UMA Scholar. Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff are invited to submit: prose, poetry, scholarly papers, and artwork(drawings, photographs, sculpture, etc.) for publication. Works do not have to conform to a theme and they do not have to be recent works.


  • GENERAL Guidelines
    • Title of piece (written or artwork) must be on the submission.
    • Title of piece should be the filename
    • No names should appear on the submission file itself.
    • All submission MUST be sent electronically.
    • 3 maximum submissions per person
  • WRITTEN WORK: (poetry prose, scholarly papers)
    • Maximum length: 15 pages double spaced.
    • Please use rich text file format (RTF) ONLY. (For more information on how to save Word documents in RTF format please see this GREAT tutorial from Colorado State Universitty)
  • ARTWORK: (drawings, photographs, sculpture, etc.)
    • Artwork: photographs of the piece of work are acceptable.
    • Photographs: you may submit color photographs of your work, if selected we may ask for a black and white image.
    • Please limit file size to that which can be emailed, we can accept most image formats.


Submissions not conforming to these requirements will NOT be considered for publication.
All submissions will receive a blind review by the UMA Scholar Editorial Board.

To submit your work:

  1. Fill out the UMA Scholar Submission Form.
  2. Email and attach your submissions to: umahonorsprogram@maine.edu
  3. DEADLINE: February 28th, 2015: 


For more information please contact Jodi Williams, Ph.D. Honors Program Director at jodi.williams@maine.edu or by calling 207-621-3295. Any students interested in assisting with the publication of the UMA Scholar please contact me directly.

"The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to be in reality what we would appear to be; all human virtues increase and strengthen themselves by the practice and experience of them.” ~Socrates

newlogo-honors-vsmThe Honors Program at the University of Maine at Augusta offers those students who have demonstrated intellectual potential and personal commitment an enriched academic experience. Not only will studies at UMA be enhanced socially and intellectually, but the Honors student will be better prepared to continue his or her advanced studies and bring academic talents and abilities to the attention of prospective employers.

The Honors Program is not a separate degree program, but is designed to augment the course work required for a degree. In most cases, honors courses can be substituted for required or elective credits.

Any student, upon recommendation of the Director of the Honors Program, may register for an Honors course without being formally admitted into the program. However, to graduate from the program with honors designation, a student must meet the specific requirements of the Honors Program.

The requirements of the Honors Program are flexible to meet the needs of our students - whether part-time, full-time, traditional, or non-traditional.

Participants in the Honors Program are eligible for Honors Program Scholarships, either as entering degree students or as continuing students.

Honors Students at UROCK created a tree of Thanksgiving!

UMA Honors Program Endeavors


Classes: Ways to meet the Honors Program Requirements

Dually designated courses (you can enroll in an HON section of these classes)Spring 2013 list


UROCK HPSA Thankfulness tree! (Fall 2013)




Why consider the Honors Program?

  • To become an independent learner
  • To work closely with faculty mentors
  • To study topics with greater depth and breadth
  • To experience a stimulating atmosphere of intellectual exchange
  • To enhance preparation for further education (graduate, professional, etc.)
  • To participate in scholarly activities (UMS Honors Weekend, The UMA Scholar, National Collegiate Honors Council, Northeast Region of NCHC)
  • To develop and improve leadership skills

For application materials or additional information, contact:

Dr. Jodi Williams
Director of the Honors Program
The University of Maine at Augusta
46 University Drive
Augusta, Maine 04330
Telephone (207) 621-3295

To contact the Honors Program Student Association officers, e-mail at umahpsa@maine.edu

Comments from Honors Program Graduates

"The Honors Program enabled me to exceed academic expectations; reach new heights in leadership; and grow closer to faculty, peers, and staff, whose positive influence will stay with me always."
Patricia Friedman, MBA candidate
"I found it stimulating to be around people with goals similar to mine. The opportunities for camaraderie and networking abound." Lou Flori, UM Law School
"The Honors Program allowed the graduate school to see that I was a student serious about my education."
Laura Church,Boston University, School of Theology
"Working with other motivated students in quality honors courses has been a highlight of my UMA experience."
Amy Peterson, University of Vermont, Graduate School

Honors Program Admission Requirements

Have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
Rank in the top 25% of the high school graduating class.
Test into college-level courses based on college placement tests (unless waived).
Have a minimum U.M.A. G.P.A. of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale.
Have accumulated at least 12 U.M.A. credit hours.
Complete U.M.A.’s Placement Tests in reading, mathematics, and writing (unless waived).
Have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale from the transferring institution.
Have a minimum of 12 transfer credit hours.

All applicants must complete an Application for Admission Form and submit three (3) letters of reference, at least two of which must be from current or former teachers.

OPTIONAL:  Include a letter explaining any special circumstances the applicant would like the Honors Council to take under consideration.

Honors Courses

Courses above the introductory level may be taken as honors courses. For more information, please contact the UMA Honors Program office for details (207.621.3295) or email jodi.williams@maine.edu When registering, use the course number listed in the course guide. After registration, contact the Registrar's Office and request Honors designation for chosen course.

If you do not see a 300-400 level class cross listed as an honors course you can do an “H” add on.  You can go to http://uma.edu/honors.html and print off the proposal and completion forms. Make sure it is all right with the instructor. You can also pick up these two forms in the Honors office RSC room 217. Fill out the proposal form and bring it to the office. Once the semester is done have the instructor fill out the completion form and send it back to the office.