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Honors Students in Honors Lounge

The University of Maine at Augusta Honors Program

The Honors Program at the University of Maine at Augusta offers those students who have demonstrated intellectual potential and personal commitment an enriched academic experience. Students act as models for all UMA students, leading the way in outstanding scholarship and community engagement.

The Honors Program is not a separate degree program, but is designed to augment the course work required for a degree. In most cases, honors courses can be substituted for required or elective credits.

The requirements of the Honors Program are flexible to meet the needs of our students – whether part-time, full-time, traditional, or non-traditional.

Professor Susan Baker congratulates UMA Honors Program member Peter Hartung at Convocation.Participants in the Honors Program have the opportunity to apply for positions as student leaders in the Honors Program and Honors Program Student Association (HPSA). Honors students are also eligible for Honors Program Scholarships, either as entering degree students or as continuing students.

Any student, upon recommendation of the Director of the Honors Program, may register for an Honors course without being formally admitted into the program. However, to graduate from the program with honors designation, a student must meet the specific requirements of the Honors Program. This is not the same thing as graduating with honors, which is based upon GPA. Graduating from the Honors Program is an accomplishment above and beyond the degree.

UMA Honors Program Projects

Courses & Programs

Why consider the Honors Program?

  • To enhance the overall educational experience at UMA
  • To work closely with faculty mentors
  • To study topics with greater depth and breadth and through interdisciplinary inquiry
  • To experience a stimulating atmosphere of intellectual exchange
  • To enhance preparation for further education (graduate, professional, etc.)
  • To participate in scholarly activities and civic engagement in collaboration with other students and with professors
  • To develop and improve leadership skills

For admissions requirements, application materials, or additional information, please contact:



Director of the Honors Program
The University of Maine at Augusta
46 University Drive
Augusta, Maine 04330
Telephone (207) 621-3295