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Is your company seeking to empower employees with educational opportunities? Do you aim for your workforce to keep pace with technological advancements and industry changes? Are you interested in providing targeted education customized to specific groups within your organization? Explore the possibilities of partnering with UMA today!

What is an Employer-University Partnership?

An employer-university partnership is a tailored, mutually beneficial collaboration between UMA and your organization, designed to align your industry needs with University resources. These partnerships extend educational opportunities beyond traditional campuses, benefiting employees and clients. By facilitating access to learning opportunities, employer-university partnerships contribute to the enhancement of quality of life, economy, healthcare, and environmental initiatives within Maine and beyond.

How will your organization benefit from a partnership with UMA?

As leaders in delivering quality distance education offering robust on-campus and hybrid programs across the state, UMA is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of your organization and its people.

  • Employee Skill Development
    By providing education benefits to employees, corporations invest in continuous skill development, leading to a more knowledgeable and proficient workforce ready to tackle present and future challenges.
  • Enhanced Employee Retention
    Education benefits foster employee loyalty and retention. Access to further education and career advancement opportunities encourages long-term commitment, reducing turnover costs and preserving institutional knowledge.
  • Recruitment Advantage
    Education benefits create a competitive edge in recruitment. Candidates are attracted to companies that invest in their professional development, expanding the talent pool with qualified individuals.
  • Tailored Curriculum
    Customized educational programs developed in collaboration with universities meet specific industry needs and business objectives, ensuring employees acquire skills directly benefiting the company.
  • Talent Pipeline
    Partnerships with universities establish a direct channel for recruiting top talent. Education benefits empower employees to pursue degrees or certifications, making them desirable candidates for future job openings.
  • Brand Enhancement
    Collaboration with a reputable university such as UMA enhances a corporation’s employer brand. Valuing education and investing in employee growth positively impacts internal morale and external reputation within the community.

Special Tuition Pricing

UMA is pleased to offer reduced tuition rates to our employer-based partners. Terms for partnership agreements are based on the academic credentials being included in the agreement, and payment arrangements can be flexible via direct billing or employee reimbursement.

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