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UMA Ranked Best Online Bachelor’s Programs


For the fifth year in a row, U.S. News & World Reports has selected UMA in its national ranking of universities offering top online degree programs.

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Business Administration

BusinessVideoThumbDegrees offered: B.S, B.A. or A.S.
Offered online and at sites statewide

Acquire a broad knowledge of modern business and management with an opportunity to concentrate in Accounting, Financial Services, Management, or Small Business. The Bachelor’s Program lays the groundwork for a managerial career, offering targeted courses where you can focus on your specific professional goals.


Information and Library Science

LibraryVideoThumbDegree Offered: B.S. and A.S.
Offered online wherever you are

Here’s an outstanding program you can complete from anywhere. Providing a foundation in computer information systems, public service programming, reference and database searching, library technical processes, and more, you’ll be poised for success within the field of library and information services. Related opportunities abound in business, public service, education, and communications.

Computer Information Systems

Degrees Offered: B.S. and A.S.
Offered online and at sites statewide

Immerse yourself in core courses that provide the basic technology skills that will prepare you for more advanced theory and technology training in programming, database administration, systems analysis, network analysis, and Web design and development.

Justice Studies

Degrees Offered: B.S. and A.S.
Offered online wherever you are

If you’re interested in law enforcement, detection and forensics, investigate our Justice Studies Program. Courses in computer science, investigations, and the social sciences will give you the broad background you’ll need, while an internship and electives in family violence, juvenile justice, and advocacy will allow you to specialize in the field that interests you most.

Please Note:

*UMA recommends that students have Broadband Internet access (DSL or Cable TV)  in order to be able to access online class resources.

Students who are enrolled in an academic program which requires an internship as a part of the curriculum requirements must know that certain states do not allow students enrolled in an out-of-state university to participate in an internship within their state borders.  If you reside outside the State of Maine, or wish to enroll in classes and/or an internship outside of Maine, please contact your UMA faculty advisor or the UMA Advising Office to be sure that your state of domicile allows you to enroll in classes or perform an internship sponsored by UMA, or your program has an alternate capstone option.  The list of reciprocal states changes frequently.  It is incumbent  upon  students to understand their home state’s policies as UMA must work within the legal framework of  that states’ regulations.

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