Title: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Manager (PI)

Thomas E. Abbott

Title: Director of Maine CITE

Kathryn G. Adams

Title: Professor Of Art

Karen Adrienne

Education B.A., Southern Utah State University, 1979 M.F.A., Northern Illinois University, 1982

Title: Staff Associate for Academic and Career Advising

Eric D. Allain

Title: Mechanical Specialist HVAC CL2

Daniel H. Althenn

Title: Coordinator of Student Success & Professional Guide

Diane Anderson

Title: Microenterprise Specialist (Western Region)

Karleen F. Andrews

Title: Social Media Marketing/Communications Specialist

Michelle L. Armes

Title: Administrative Specialist CL2

Linda J. Arris

Title: Administrative Specialist (Conf) CL3

Melanie M. Aubuchon

Title: Systems Manager, Information & Technology

Kathryn Ault

Title: Mechanical Specialist Mechanical CL1

Raymond N. Baillargeon

Title: Associate Professor of Science

Susan Baker

Education B.S., Brown University, 1979 M.Ed., University of Maine, 1995 Teaching Philosophy The study of science requires the learning of a large amount of material at … Read More

Title: Lecturer in Veterinary Technology and Program Coordinator

Roger Barkman

Title: Professor of Communication and Drama

Christopher D. Bates

Education B.A., Southern Connecticut University, 1977 M.A., University of Maine, 1984

Title: Administrative Specialist CL3

Carol L. Bean

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