UMA uses a pay for print system for lab and student device printing services. Printing is available wirelessly from student-owned Windows and macOS devices. Charges are automatically deducted from your UMA OneCard account.

Students are able to use the Find-Me Printing feature to print a file and pick up their print job at any Xerox device at any UMA or UMS location.

Where can I Print?

Any publicly accessible Xerox copier at your UMA campus, campus libraries, and UMA center.

What do I need to know?

  • Printing to Xerox printers from your personal device will require you to install the new Papercut Client Software on your computer
    • The link above contains detailed instructions for installing on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Chromebook devices
  • How much does my printing cost?
    • Black & white copying or printing – $0.03 per page
    • Color copying or printing – $0.07 per page
    • 11×17 or larger pages will be charged at twice the standard rate
  • Your UMA OneCard must support tap functionality
  • Default settings:
    • B&W
    • Duplex
    • Print jobs will remain in the print queue on the server for 36 hours

How do I print?

With the new Papercut client installed, restart your device and check your printers. You will see a new printer device named UMS-BYOD-FindMe. All print jobs you send to the printer are not released from the printer until you are at any Xerox device within the University of Maine System. The jobs are not released from the printer until you arrive.

  1. Visit a Xerox copier and tap your UMA OneCard
  2. Select the Print Release selection on the Xerox display
  3. Select the job(s) you wish to print
    a. Be sure to uncheck the Grayscale box on screen for Color printing
    b. Use the > icon to adjust additional settings if needed

Can I still do Web Printing through a portal?

  1. When at any UMS location, visit the portal
  2. Login using your UMSID/Password
  3. Click on the Web Print link to the left
  4. Upload a PDF file adjust your settings and select Print Job

Please contact the IT Helpdesk with questions or concerns by phone at 1-800-696-4357 or by email to: You may also visit and search the IT knowledgebase.