UMA implemented a pay for print program and laptop pay for print system.  This will allow students to send B&W print jobs wirelessly from their own laptops (Windows and OSX), and have the print charges automatically deducted from their UMA card account.

For printing in a computer lab, classroom or library

  • If you are a student, please log in with your MaineStreet username and password (same as for Blackboard)
  • If you have a guest card, please log in with your 16-digit card number as the username, and the last four digits of this same number as the password.

If you would like to check your balance or add money to your account, please use eAccounts.
** This program does NOT show you your card balance when you print, unlike the previous PayPrint system.

For Laptop printing ONLY

1.     For the Augusta and Bangor laptop installers for both Mac and Windows, download and install the PaperCut Client program that allows you to print from your laptop for the first time.  You will want to save the file.  You may get a warning that this program was downloaded from the internet and may be unsafe. The program has been tested and will not harm your computer.  It can be easily removed later.

2.     Install the PC Client program.  This will install the lab PayPrint Printer on your computer.  When you choose the Print option, you will need to select the University printer that you want to print to.  The name of this printer will be displayed on a sticker on the printer.  If you have enough money on your UMA card, you will be able to print; if not you will get an error.  If you are unsure about your card balance, use eAccounts to check your balance.

** For problems with printing, please call the Helpdesk at 621-7400 or 800-696-4357 for assistance.

At any time if you want to know the status of any of your printing, did it print or why it did not print go to PaperCut. Login using your MaineStreet/GMail ID and password. On the left side, click Recent Print Jobs or Jobs Pending Release.

Augusta Printer Locations

Jewett Hall Tutoring Lab
Katz Library
Randall Center MAC Lab
Randall Center Classroom 253 add (only print here when you are in the room to avoid disrupting a class)
Randall Center Classroom 255 add (only print here when you are in the room to avoid disrupting a class)

Bangor Printer Locations

Belfast Hall Library
College Center Dental Computer Lab
Eastport Hall Computer Lab
Bangor Hall

Pay4Print Policy & Procedure

  • Pay-per-page Print Charge Policy
    The University of Maine at Augusta implemented a pay-per-page printing charge on February 20, 2007.  A four cents (.04)-per-page cost for Black/White and a .14 cents-per-page cost for all color printing will be assessed to all UMA students using computer print facilities on the Augusta and Bangor campuses.  A .07 cents per page for all Black/White and a .14 cents per page for all color photocopying will be assessed when using the lab copier to make duplicates.  All UMA students needing to print or photocopy must obtain a University of Maine at Augusta ID card.
  • How to Obtain a UMA Photo ID Card
    All UMA students (with current registration) can obtain a student photo identification card from the Office of the Dean of Students on the Augusta Campus or from the Office of Student Development on the Bangor Campus. TheUMA Card serves as the official University of Maine at Augusta identification card, provides access to library services, and is utilized to pay for printing at both campuses. Students also use the UMA Card to provide proof of their student status to receive discounts from local vendors, i.e., computer and/or software companies, ski resorts, sandwich shops and to receive discounts at art and science museums. For more information on the Card process or hours of operation, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students in Augusta at 621-3176 or 1-877-862-1234, ext. 3176, or the Office of Student Development in Bangor at 262-7817.
  • Pay-per-page Print Procedure
    Once a student has a UMA ID card, they will need to go to the Cash Value Center (CVC) machine to put funds onto their ID card. In Augusta, the CVC is located in the Student Technology Center, outside the Bookstore, next to the ATM machine. In Bangor, the CVC is located in the Belfast Hall Library. You can also add funds to your card using eAccounts.