UMA uses a pay for print system for lab and student device printing services. Printing is available wirelessly from student-owned Windows and macOS devices. Charges are automatically deducted from your UMA card account.

For printing in a computer lab, classroom, or library

  • If you are a student, please log in with your MaineStreet username and password.
  • If you have a guest card, please log in with your 16-digit card number as the username, and the last four digits of this same number as the password.

For laptop printing

Instructions on how to install and PaperCut Print Deploy to print from your personal Windows or macOS device can be found here.

To check the status of a print job go to the PaperCut site or click ‘Help’ from within the PaperCut Print Deploy application. Login using your MaineStreet/Gmail ID and password. On the left side, click Recent Print Jobs or Jobs Pending Release.

For assistance with issues printing please call the IT Help Desk at 800-696-4357 or email for assistance.

Augusta Printer Locations

Katz Library
Civic Center 254

Bangor Printer Locations

Nottage Library (Belfast Hall)
College Center Dental Computer Lab
Eastport Hall 121

Pay for Print Policy & Fees

  • Pay-per-page Print Charge Policy
    A charge of four cents ($0.04) per page for black & white printing and ten cents ($0.10) per page for color printing will be assessed to all UMA students using Pay for Print services on the Augusta and Bangor campuses. A charge of seven cents ($0.07) per page for all black & white photocopying and fourteen cents ($0.14) per page for all color photocopying will be assessed when using a lab copier to make duplicates. All UMA students needing to print or photocopy must obtain a University of Maine at Augusta ID card.
  • Managing Funds
    If you would like to check your balance or add money to your account, please use the eAccounts site.