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Randall Student Center room 204

Phone: 207-621-3176, 1-877-UMA-1234 ext. 3176

Office Hours: Mon – Fri – 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Located on the Augusta campus, the Office of the Dean of Students offers the services listed below. The dean of students also works closely with departments, such as Student Support and Development, Student Life, Counseling, the TRIO Scholars program, and New Ventures Maine. Students can contact the Office of the Dean of Students by phone (207-621-3176/1-877-UMA-1234, ext. 3176), by Email or by visiting 204 Randall Student Center.

New Student Orientation: Orientation eases the transition into the college student role, creates a foundation for academic success and helps to integrate new students into the UMA community. Orientations are offered on-site at all of UMA’s locations, including both campuses and most UMA centers or locations, as well as in an online format (ONSO). Students are invited to experience all orientation options; however, they are expected to complete the online orientation format.  Be sure to visit the orientation web page for detailed information on each orientation.

Student Handbook: At the start of each academic year, a revised student handbook is published on the Web for all students. A print version may be requested by contacting the Office of the Dean of Students. The student handbook contains key information not only on services for students, but on policies and procedures that exist within The University of Maine System. It is essential that students familiarize themselves with this resource and abide by these policies and standards.

Student Conduct: The dean oversees compliance with University policies and procedures designed to encourage respectful behavior and create an environment supportive of the educational mission of the University. The University of Maine System (UMS) Student Conduct Code [PDF] and the UMS Board of Trustees Student Conduct Policy are published in the UMA Student Handbook. Beyond that, there is a UMA Student Academic Integrity (AI) Code that details the procedures which apply in cases of suspected academic dishonesty. Associated with this AI Code is an AI Reporting Form (online form) used by faculty to formally document such incidents. Any questions regarding any of these policies or procedures should be directed to BJ Kitchin, Interim Dean of Students, who acts as UMA’s student conduct officer.

Students interested in becoming members of the Student Conduct Committee, the board that adjudicates violations of the Student Conduct Code, should read the committee description and complete an online application.

Resolving Student Complaints: Despite intent, disagreements arise from time to time in the college environment. If a student has a complaint against an instructor (see Student Handbook, “Policies” tab: “Resolving Student Academic Complaints”) or a professional employee’s administrative action, he or she is encouraged to speak directly with that employee or their supervisor to pursue an informal resolution to the problem. Typically, this is the most efficient and effective way to resolve a complaint. Formal grievance procedures are reserved for unresolved complaints and are designed to give UMA students maximum opportunity to address their concern when conditions warrant. Students considering a formal grievance should review a copy of the appropriate grievance procedure (academic or professional/administrative) and must contact the Dean of Students Office for information and direction.

Housing Information: UMA is a commuter institution.  However, UMA is excited to offer an opportunity for affordable housing to full-time students attending the Augusta campus, by providing a limited amount of student housing at Stevens Commons in Hallowell.  On-campus housing is not currently available at the Bangor campus or any of our statewide UMA Centers.  Please visit the’ housing webpage for more information and details.

Mediation: This office provides students with advice and assistance in conflict resolution.

Child Care: Students needing child care services can access statewide resources through DHHS’ Child and Family Services Office. The “Information for Parents” webpage not only provides valuable information on steps to choosing child care, paying for child care, and parent rights and responsibilities, but also on options/resources for finding child care centers and programs.

Campus Assessment Response Evaluation Team: The mission of the UMA Campus Assessment Response Evaluation Team (CARE) is to coordinate and implement policy development, education, and timely intervention in regard to students exhibiting signs of serious distress, or engaging in harmful or disruptive behavior. CARE is not a crisis or emergency response team, but provides a system for proactive intervention to student behaviors of concern in order to reduce disruption and facilitate a safe, respectful and productive learning and working environment.