Beverly A. Gill

Title: Administrative Specialist (Conf) CL2

Sandra G. Lamoreau

Title: Administrative Specialist (Conf) CL1

Robert C. Marden

Title: Assistant Director Of Administrative Services

Shelia L. Crowley

Title: Assistant To The Dean Of Students

Laura N. Rodas

Title: Coordinator of Community Standards & Mediation

Sheri C. Fraser

Title: Dean of Students

Frear A. Hook

Title: Director of Design & Online Marketing

Jonathan Henry

Title: Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing

Jonathan Henry has work 32 years in university admissions and enrollment management.  He first served at UMA from 2007-2012 as the Dean of Enrollment Services, and … Read More

Brent Wooten

Title: Director of Enrollment Marketing

Amber Theriault

Title: Manager of Digital Communications

Timothy R. Brokaw

Title: Chief Business Officer

Ruth C. Turcotte

Title: Assistant Director for Budget & Finance

Elaine M. Littlefield

Title: Administrative Specialist (Conf) CL2

Amie Parker

Title: Director of Human Resources - UMA/UMF

Alicia A. Tassinari

Title: Associate Human Resources Business Partner

Pamela S. Goding

Title: Administrative Specialist (Conf) CL3


Support Services

Joan A. Cook

Title: Administrative Specialist CL2

Christopher M. Veilleux

Title: IT Specialist CL3

Lloyd M. Smith

Title: Systems & Network Specialist II

Stanley Moszczenski III

Title: Manager of Service Management and Communications

James M. Lefebvre

Title: Campus Services Technical Lead

Tanner Kelleter

Title: Operations Manager

Kevin Godin

Title: IT Specialist, CL3

Tech Support

Joseph Duchette

Title: Information Technology Specialist, Career Level 2

Bartholemew M. Powers

Title: IT Specialist CL2

Heidi L. Raynes

Title: IT Specialist CL2

End-User Technology

Bryon L. Sibley

Title: Assistant Information Technology Manager

Classroom Technology

John M. Tiner

Title: Senior Systems And Design Engineer

Robert Sobczak

Title: Transmission Engineer II

Ryan J. Gagnon

Title: System Engineering Specialist

Paul C. Philbrick

Title: Media Services Technician CL3


Lauren R. Dubois

Title: Executive Director of Classroom & End User Technology, UMA/University College IT Relationship Manager

Joyce M. Blanchard

Title: Vice President for University Advancement & Chief of Staff

Renee J. Letendre

Title: Administrative Specialist (Conf) CL3

Rebecca M. Wyke

Title: President

Nathaniel LaClaire

Title: Assessment Associate

Melanie M. Aubuchon

Title: Administrative Specialist (Conf) CL3

Joseph S. Szakas

Title: Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost

Education B.S., The University of Michigan – Dearborn, 1987 M.S., Western Michigan University, 1989 M.S., The Ohio State University, 1995 Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1997 … Read More

Terry M. Lawson

Title: Academic Associate to the VPAA/Provost & Dean of the College of Professional Studies

Hirosuke Honda

Title: Director of Assessment

Ann M. Corbett

Title: Registrar

  • General information
  • Academic policy and procedural information
  • Academic forgiveness or grade appeals
  • Certificates
  • High school aspiration tuition waivers

Bethany J. Vigue

Title: Staff Assistant/Academic Transcript Evaluator

Alison B. Dwyer

Title: Academic Records Spclst CL2

Nancy Newton

Title: Academic Records Spclst CL2

Laurie A. Krzywda

Title: Data Management Tech CL2