Student Computing Use Policy

The student computer labs at the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) are funded entirely from student-paid technology fees. Because the department of University Technical Support (UTS) and UMA have a responsibility to ensure computer resources are available for currently enrolled, fee-paying students, this policy must be adhered to. The computer labs are resources for University students.

Classrooms: The Instructors Station and Smart Technlogy in each classroom is intended for academic use ONLY during classes. Students are to use the computer study lab and follow lab policies when computer use is neccessary.

Standards of Behavior

It is expected that all lab users will adhere to University behavior standards and norms of common courtesy as stated in the student handbook.

Food and drink are NOT allowed near the computer equipment (accidents happen). Please cooperate by leaving food and drinks either at the front of the lab or inside a bag. Lab Assistants have been instructed to ask you to remove all food and drink from computer tables.

Violation of any of the UMA student computing policies may result in suspension of account. Use is a privilege not a right.

You are expected to exercise responsible, legal, and ethical behavior and to act with discretion when using the userid, equipment, and/or facilities. Interfering with other userids, equipment, and/or facilities can result in loss of privileges. You are expected to cooperate with legitimate requests from UMA staff, and to treat other lab users with dignity and respect.

Use of earphones is allowed for sound only (must bring your own pair with you). Voice chat is prohibited.

Students are expected to be considerate of other students, and to respect the privacy and confidentiality rights of others. Labs are available for academic uses and students should conduct themselves properly. No socializing is allowed in areas of quiet study. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited.

Unacceptable uses of behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • Violating the privacy of others
  • Harassing other computer lab users or UMA staff
  • Accessing or using files, data, or passwords of others
  • Violating or attempting to violate software license agreements
  • Violating or attempting to violate system security
  • Damaging or attempting to alter lab equipment
  • Disrupting or monitoring electronic communications

For a full list of expected and unacceptable behaviors please see the Acceptable Use Policy.

Unified Fee/Technology Fee

The Unified Fee/Technology Fee is intended to enhance the technology in UMAs learning environment. This fee covers a portion of the costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of computer hardware, network servers, scanners, Internet Access, software licenses, and specialized, technology-based classroom equipment, such as microscopes. The Unified Fee/Technology Fee is not intended to subsidize the personal use of expendable supplies.

User Accounts

Report any unauthorized use of your account to the UTS staff. The user account assigned to you is for your use only. Only registered students of the University of Maine System are allowed to use a student computer. Logging on to more than one computer at any given time will not be allowed. Logging on to let someone else use your ID and password is not allowed.  Any wrongful activity originating from your account will result in you being held accountable. Do not share your id or password.

Software Copying

The University of Maine at Augusta does not condone and specifically forbids the unauthorized duplication of software . Students are not permitted to install their own copies of any software onto the University of Maine at Augusta machines. Students are not permitted to copy software from University of Maine at Augusta computers or servers and install it on home or any other computers.

Accessing or copying files, including printed copy belonging to someone else, is prohibited without permission from the owner. Altering another users files or system files without permission, is vandalism and is destruction of University property. System and application files are copyrighted and licensed software.

Internet Access

UMA does not block, monitor, or limit access to any web sites based on their content. UMA disclaims any warranty for any information found on the Internet as to its accuracy, authority, timeliness, or usefulness. UMA also disclaims any control over, or knowledge about changes in content to the sources for which it has established links, or for the content of sources accessed through secondary links. Students are expected to be responsible adults while browsing the Web. Inappropriate behavior that interferes with another students work will not be tolerated.

Security Flaws

Report security flaws. All multi-user systems have security flaws. The acceptable, ethical course of action when you discover a security flaw is to report it to the UTS staff. If you wish to help the UTS staff track down the flaw(s), contact them and volunteer your services.

Results of Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behavior has an adverse effect on the work of others, on the ability of UMA staff to provide good service, and on information resources themselves. It is expected that users of all labs at UMA will be responsive to others complaints and receptive to UMA staff reasonable requests for changes in behavior or action.

University Technology Services staff will attempt to resolve differences and problems among lab users by asking for the cooperation of those involved, and for compliance with UMA policies. UTS staff will pursue misconduct that cannot be resolved informally with the general means it has available within the University and with law enforcement, as appropriate.

Students should read and be familiar with UMAs policy regarding copyright infringement and illegal downloading