Your way to receive weather closure and emergency information via your cell phone and email.

You can sign up now by clicking the box below, but before you do, here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Why did UMA put UMA Alerts into effect?

We’ve implemented UMA Alerts to maximize communication and minimize the risks to members of our university community in the event of an emergency. UMA has detailed response plans in place for a range of campus emergency situations, and part of those plans is to keep students, faculty, and staff informed.

If I don’t sign up to receive UMA Alerts, will there still be ways for me to find out about weather closures and campus emergencies?

Yes, you can always find information on campus closures and emergency information at, by calling 1-877-UMA-1234, or through announcements on many radio and TV stations.

The benefit of UMA Alerts is that we will notify you.

What is the cost of signing up for UMA Alerts?

Your only expense is whatever your cell phone provider charges you for receiving text messages. There is no other cost to you to sign on to UMA Alerts.

What type of messages can I expect to receive?

There are two basic types of messages you can expect to receive from UMA Alerts:

  1. The most common announcement you would receive would be to inform you about campus closures due to weather conditions.
  2. UMA Alerts would also be activated to announce a campus closing due to safety or security-related reasons.

Messages will always be short and to the point and will direct you to our web site for more information.

UMA Alerts will not be used to distribute advertising or other unsolicited content. Only emergency cancellations/notices will be sent.

If I take a course at a center or site, what kind of information will I receive through UMA Alerts?

UMA Alerts will only inform you of closings and other emergency information on UMA’s Augusta and Bangor campuses. However, if you are taking a course that originates from the Augusta or Bangor campus, this is information you would want to know.

Weather and emergency information about your center or site would not be available through UMA Alerts. That information would have to come directly from your center or site.

When I sign up, how long will I receive UMA Alerts?

You will be enrolled in UMA Alerts for one or two years, depending upon your decision on the day you subscribe. You will be required to re-enroll if you wish to continue the UMA Alerts service once your enrollment expires. Log in to your account to check your status.

Can I drop off of UMA Alerts at any time?

Yes, you can drop off at any time. You just log in to your account, click on the Groups tab and unsubscribe from any of the groups you wish to drop from. The unsubscribe link is on the right hand side of the screen across from the name of the group.

What do I need to know to enroll?

To enroll, you just need to click the button below. That will take you to a short and easy form to complete right online.

Some things to note about the sign-up form:

  • When you sign up to receive text messages, it is best if you have your cell phone on and with you. That’s because during the sign-up process UMA Alerts will send you a validation code to your cell phone. You will then need to type in that validation code during the sign up process.
  • Please choose an ID and password that you will remember. If you forget your password, click on the forgot your password link, located on the login page.
  • When you type in your cell phone number, make sure to include your area code even if it’s 207.
  • Type in your cell phone number with only numbers, no dashes. For example: 2072149933.
  • Watch a short YouTube video on how to sign up:

Any Questions or Problems: Call UMA’s Technology Helpdesk at 621-7400 or 800-696-4357.

Prefer Academic text reminders to email?

Sign up to receive MaineStreet Message Center reminders as text messages. Log in to MaineStreet at and go to your Student Center. Select the link to the Text Messaging Service, located in the box on the bottom right of the page. Choose the MaineStreet Message Center option. If you would like to receive notification when your grades are posted, also select the Grade Notification Service option. UMA will not send account/identity information via text. Once activated, you may choose to opt out at any time. To continue the service, you will need to renew every year. If you have questions and/or experience problems signing up, contact: Registrar Ann Corbett at 621-3145 or

Note: this is not a substitute for the UMA Alerts system, and only provides academic information.