If you have a question about the residence hall, read through the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.

Housing Application, Tours, and Staffing

Complete the online Housing Application. You will need to be logged in to your “@maine.edu” account to access this site.

Please contact the Admissions department to schedule a tour of the Stevens Commons housing.

UMA Housing at Stevens Commons is staffed by five Community Advisors and a Director of Residence Life.

The Community Advisors (CA) are full-time upperclass students who are employed by UMA. The staff is available to answer questions, be a referral person, conduct meetings, uphold University policies and procedures, and in general, foster a unique sense of community within the UMA Housing at Stevens Commons. When discussing personal matters, the staff practice discretion – this means that they do not share personal information with other students. The CA staff are also there to assist in organizing events that bring residents together, such as floor dinners, movie nights, ice cream socials and much more! The staff are in a position to help you build a community based on individual responsibility and respect for others.

The Director of Residence Life is a professional staff member who resides in UMA Housing at Stevens Commons, and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the housing. The Director role is to be a presence within the housing unit and uphold University policy. The Director will work to create a sense of community in the UMA Housing at Stevens Commons and empower residents to take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

Confidential counselors are also available on the Augusta campus.

Pricing, Billing, Payment, Contract, and Withdrawals

Charges for Housing will be posted to your student account at UMA. You will pay for Housing charges along with your Tuition and Fee charges.

There is no security deposit required. A housing deposit to hold your space is required at the time you submit your signed Housing Agreement. The $100 deposit will be applied to your account.

If you are applying for Fall, you may cancel your housing contract on or before July 15 in writing and we will issue a refund request to Student Accounts. If you have a zero balance on your account, Student Accounts will issue a refund check.

Withdrawing from the room and board plan after July 15 and prior to August 1 will result in a forfeit of the deposit paid.

Cancellations after August 1 up until the end of the fourth week of fall classes will result in a charge of half the fall room rate.

For students with a Spring only housing contract, cancellation after January 1 but prior to January 15 will result in a forfeit of deposit paid.

Cancellations must be made in writing.

Yes, but please refer to your Housing Contract for more information. By submitting the online housing application, you are bound by the terms and conditions of the contract.

If you WITHDRAW from the RESIDENCE HALLS and ALL classes at UMA, the following room refund schedule applies.

Withdrawal prior to the end of the second week (14 days) 100% room refund.

Withdrawal prior to the end of the fourth week (28 days) 75% room refund.

Withdrawal prior to the end of the sixth week (42 days) 50% room refund.

Withdrawal prior to the end of the eighth week (56 days) 25% room refund.

Withdrawal after the eighth week (57 days and after) 0% room refund.

You have signed an academic year contract, which means you committed to living in UMA housing for the entire academic year, or until you are no longer a student at UMA, whichever comes first. If you graduate, go on exchange, transfer, or withdraw from UMA and check out appropriately at the end of the fall semester, you are not held to the contract for the spring semester.

Room Assignments and Moving In

Academic year assignments are emailed and mailed throughout the summer. Spring semester only assignments will be emailed and mailed in late December/early January.

You can find UMA Housing costs on the Tuition and Fees page.

You must be matriculated undergraduate student at UMA and enrolled in 12 credits per semester in order to live in UMA Housing. Any exceptions must be approved by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Yes, you must be a matriculated (enrolled) undergraduate student in a UMA academic degree program.

You will receive more information in your housing assignment letter. Students attending New Student Orientation (NSO) will be permitted to move in a day prior to NSO.

On the official fall move in day, drive directly to Stevens Commons. Special temporary parking will be available for you to unload your vehicle. Please unload and immediately move your car to designated lots so other residents can unload their belongings as well. Student and staff volunteers will be around to help stage and move materials, and residence hall staff will check you in to your room.

Please explore the What to Bring page for UMA’s suggested packing list, furniture policy, pet policy, and prohibited items.

Details about shipping items prior to move-in will be made available to residents in the summer.

Gender Inclusive means that spaces or restrooms are available to anyone, and are not limited to a certain population. This is inclusive of any gender identity and/or gender expression. For housing restrooms, this means anyone, regardless of gender identity or expression, can use that restroom. For housing spaces (rooms and suites), this means that with consent of all occupants UMA will make assignments to rooms, suites inclusive of all genders and gender expressions. All of our suites have restrooms with locking doors.

When it comes to single-gender restrooms, the University of Maine System does not discriminate based on sex or sexual orientation, which includes gender identity and expression. All students, employees, and campus visitors are welcome to use the restrooms that best fit their gender.

The housing application has a number of lifestyle questions. This simple questionnaire is designed to aid us in assigning compatible suitemates and roommates. You should be as honest as possible when answering the questions, remembering that this is our primary suite/room matching tool.

We hope that you and your assigned suitemate(s)/roommate will find a way to work through any issues! It may help to meet with your Community Advisor together to complete a suite/room agreement, which clarifies suitemates’ expectations or needs. The Director can also mediate conversations. We also realize that when every effort to work out issues between roommates has been exhausted, a room change may be considered. After a room freeze at the beginning of each semester, room changes may be granted at the discretion of the Director, depending on available space.

Stevens Commons Facilities and Amenities

The UMA Housing at Stevens Commons is in a renovated historical building and each space is unique. Most bedrooms are approximately 10 X 10, but there is variation in shape and size.

Each suite has one private bathroom which will be shared by 1-4 students.

There are washers and dryers in the building. All machines accept debit cards; no coins are required.

Yes, there are student lounges in both buildings. This space is intended as social space. The residents may agree to establish community quiet hours.

There is an elevator in both buildings.

Stevens Commons and Common Areas are all accessible. There are also multiple suites with accessible kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

If you have a disability and wish to request accommodations/modifications, a Request for Housing Accommodations Form from Student Support & Development will be included with housing offer information.

A small fitness room in Stevens Hall is available for all residential students. The UMA Augusta Campus Fitness Center is also available to UMA students at no charge.

Resident storage is limited to each resident’s individual room. There is storage for personal bicycles.

The Community Advisors (CAs) and Director of Residential Life are required to host a number of events and programs for residential students per semester. Most of these programs will occur right in the common area. These programs are based on the needs and desires of each student community, and can be as diverse as the residents in the halls.

Downtown Hallowell boasts a number of vibrant shops, restaurants, and other establishments as well as many community events that students will be able to enjoy. The UMA Office of Student Life regularly hosts events and sponsors activities for students.

Some local favorite spots include: 

Food & Atmosphere

  • The Liberal Cup
  • The Quarry
  • The Maine House
  • Slates Restaurant/Bakery
  • Joyce’s
  • Lucky Garden
  • Cafe de Bangkok


  • The River Studio

Snacks, Treats

  • Juiced


  • Harlow Gallery
  • Hallowell Clay Works
  • Forbidden Fruit

Hair Salons

  • Lux
  • Dom’s Barber Shop


  • Berry & Berry Floral


  • Merrill’s Book Store


  • Whipper Snappers


  • Sparetime Recreation

Ice Skating/Hockey

  • Camden Nat’l Ice Vault

Bed and Breakfasts

  • Maple Hill Farm Inn
  • Second Street B & B

Bank & ATM

  • Camden Nat’l Bank


  • Antique Mall
  • Eclectic LLC

Many Hallowell residents also enjoy a peaceful walk or snowshoe in the Vaughan Woods, part of the Vaughan Woods Historic Homestead – A museum experience connecting people to place, through nature, history & the arts.

Explore Hallowell »

UMA housing is open during official University breaks, but you must register with the Director to stay for breaks longer than 3 days.

Goods and Services

All suites contain a small kitchen and students will be expected to prepare/purchase their own meals. Nellie’s Cafe is open and available to students and the public. The Augusta Campus Moose Tracks Café offers student meals and does accept debit/credit cards as well as cash. Please visit the Moose Tracks Café page for information on hours and menus.

Yes, all students are required to have a meal plan. Students in Cleveland Hall are required to have the 19-meal plan. Students in Stevens and Erskine are required to have the 5-meal plan.

Many specialty shops within walking distance in downtown Hallowell. Larger grocery stores (Hannaford/Shaws), pharmacies (Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS), and retail stores (Target, Reny’s, Walmart, Michaels, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club, and more) are available in Augusta and Gardiner.

Yes, approximately 0.2 miles away from the dorm, Camden National Bank is also located on Winthrop St/Granite Hill in Hallowell. Camden National Bank has an ATM.

UMA does not have a clinic, school nurse or health services on campus. However several options are available in the local community.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, CALL 911. There will be an emergency telephone located in the entrance way of Stevens Hall.

Medical Services

For NON-life-threatening situations requiring healthcare:

  1. MaineGeneral Express Care
  2. Concentra Urgent Care

For EMERGENCIES requiring healthcare:

  1. MaineGeneral Medical Center

Mental Health Care

UMA does offer short-term counseling services at the Augusta & Bangor campuses. These services are free, confidential and open to any UMA student.

  1. UMA Counseling can be accessed by calling the Center for Student Support & Development.
  2. 24-HOUR STATEWIDE CRISIS LINE – 1-888-568-1112 Voice/TTY
  3. Kennebec Behavioral Health Care is a local mental health agency offering outpatient services, substance use disorder services, and psychiatric services.
  4. Crisis and Counseling is a local agency offering crisis services, outpatient services, and substance abuse services.
  5. NATIONAL Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • United-States based suicide prevention network
    • Location: Networked nationwide, located in NYC
    • Website: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    • Supports people who call for themselves or someone they care about.

Dental Care

  1. Evergreen Dental Associates
  2. Capital Dental Care
    • Phone: 207-622-9215
    • Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
    • Location: 278 State Street, Augusta, ME
    • Website: Capital Dental
    • Comprehensive services

Other useful resources include:

  • Domestic Violence 1-800-863-9909
  • Mental Health Crisis Hotline (24-Hour Hotline) 1-888-568-1112
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
  • Rape Response Services 1-800-310-0000
  • Statewide Sexual Assault Crisis & Support 1-800-871-7741
  • Maine Office of Substance Abuse Information 1-800-499-0027
  • Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-499-0027

** In cases of emergency only, limited taxi vouchers may be available for accessing medical, mental health or dental care. UMA students should contact the Director of Residence Life or the Office of Student Life for more information about this. UMA students are encouraged to utilize the Kennebec Explorer, free with the UMA student ID, for routine and follow-up healthcare appointments. UMA does not provide transportation for these types of appointments.

** Any charges incurred for medical and healthcare appointments, including laboratory tests, x-rays, and other costs are the sole responsibility of the student.

In cases of Accidents or Illnesses

Students with specific medical issues should relay these issues with the Director when they initially move into the residence hall.

If you are ill or have an accident, you must report it to the Director or your Community Advisor immediately. In the event that transport to a medical facility off-campus is necessary, staff will call EMS. Residential Life Staff will not accompany or provide transportation to any student who is ill or injured.

Any injury on-campus must be reported to Campus Security, or a member of the Residential Life Staff immediately. This will ensure that the proper documentation is completed, as well as the catalyst for the injury has been evaluated and/or corrected.

Resident students are responsible for reporting extremely contagious illnesses and diseases to Residential Staff so precautionary measures may be taken so other students are not infected. This may include relocating a resident or requiring a resident to leave campus for a period of time.

Technology and Communications

Yes, all rooms have wireless internet access. For wired access, you will need a CAT 5 cable to connect. Each resident has their own internet jack. Please do not use wireless routers, modems, or hubs, as they interfere with university systems. Residential networking questions may be directed to the Technology Support Center at 207-621-7400 or help@maine.edu.

Telephone service is not provided standard in rooms. There will be an emergency telephone located in the entrance way of Stevens Hall.

There is no cable television available.

The UMA Augusta Campus library has computers available for student use. Printing and copying services are also available.

Students may bring personal computers to use at Stevens Commons. Just remember that as with all personal property, you are responsible for its security.

Wireless internet access is in all student rooms and common areas. Networking questions should be directed to the Technology Support Center at 207-621-7400 or help@maine.edu.

Students should be familiar with the Student Computer Use Policy both for on-campus and at Stevens Commons.

Safety and Security

For your safety and security, the doors to the residential areas of Stevens Commons are kept locked 24/7 and you need a Stevens Commons card to gain access to the halls. Residents are also issued a key to their individual bedrooms.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, CALL 911. There will be an emergency telephone located in the entrance way of Stevens Hall.

  • Hallowell Police Department is located less than a half mile away from Stevens Commons
    • Location: 1 Winthrop St, Hallowell, ME 04347
    • Hours of Operation: 24/7
    • Emergency Phone: 911
    • Non-Emergency Phone: (207) 623-3131 (ex. erratic driver or observing something of concern)
    • Routine Business Phone: (207) 622-9710 (may go to voicemail but will be answered)
    • Animal Control Phone: (207) 446-2443
    • Fax: (207) 623-7147
    • Hallowell Chief of Police: Eric L. Nason. Nason’s message to Hallowell residents can be found here.
  • Hallowell Fire Department is the next-door neighbor to Steven’s Commons!

The story of Hallowell is the story of America, with science and industry – and not infrequently the weather – dictating the pace of growth, the accumulation of great wealth, and the loss of vast fortunes. The City is named for Benjamin Hallowell, a Boston merchant and one of the Kennebec Proprietors, holders of land originally granted to the Plymouth Company by the British monarchy in the 1620s.

The city has seen its share of ups and downs over the years, as is the case with most small towns anywhere. Through good times and bad, however, Hallowell has remained a highly desirable center of learning and of intellectual accomplishment. Private academies and music conservatories attracted students from across the state over time. Publishers eager to join in the city’s lucrative book trade migrated here, as did chemists, physicians, politicians, artists, and inventors (Maine’s first automobile came from Hallowell, as did the first practical threshing machine). Today, a walk through Hallowell’s mansion-studded streets provides clues to America’s past, and to a world all but vanished.

Hallowell remains a very charming community, home to many artists, scientists, medical providers, motivated students, writers, musicians, business owners, and individuals from all walks of life – who value education, lifelong learning, healthy living, outdoor recreation and creative exploration. There are outdoor wonders, parks and walking/biking trails (the Kennebec River Rail Trail system) that invite positive connections to nature and link Hallowell to its neighboring towns of Gardiner and Augusta.

Hallowell’s History is provided by Sumner Webber, City of Hallowell Historian and information is taken directly from here.

Periodic room safety checks are made by the UMA Residence Life and/or Security staff. Room checks are announced in advance.

Bicycle storage is available at Stevens Commons. Paved biking trails exist between Hallowell and Augusta.

Bikes can be ridden safely on the Kennebec River Rail Trail system – a 6.5 mile paved trail from Augusta to Gardiner (passing through Hallowell and Farmingdale). This mode of transportation is not recommended in the winter months.

UMA does not provide theft insurance coverage. Students may take out a policy at an insurance agency or it may be possible for parents of students to add a “rider” to their homeowner’s policy that will cover personal belongings.

Still have questions?

You may contact us at umahousing@maine.edu with any questions related to UMA Housing.

Revised 8/3/2023