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FY 23 Tuition & Housing Fees

Tuition rates are assessed by credit hour and vary depending upon residency of the student:

Undergraduate Tuition Rate:
Maine Residents$245 per credit hour
Out of State$625 per credit hour
*NEBHE Undergraduate$404 per credit hour
Canadian Undergraduate$245 per credit hour
**Out of State Web$319 per credit hour
Graduate Tuition Rate:
Maine Residents Graduate$432 per credit hour
Out of State$577 per credit hour
*NEBHE Graduate$713 per credit hour
Canadian Graduate$432 per credit hour

*New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) rates are available to residents of the New England states for programs of study included in the New England Regional Student Program. Please see the NEBHE Programs tab above for more information.

**Students residing outside the state of Maine (including ILS students) pay a reduced tuition rate of approx. 130.25% (increased from 125% for FY 2023) of in-state tuition for ALL online courses at UMA (this includes ILS and non ILS courses offered by UMA).

Tuition, fees (such as mandatory and variable fees – more information in the tabs above) and other educational costs are approved annually for each of the seven campuses of the University of Maine System by the Board of Trustees. Tuition and fees may be amended between the time of registration and the beginning of Fall classes pending annual Board review.

Differential Tuition

Differential Tuition will be charged per credit hour for the following programs; it replaces traditional course fees:

  • Architecture: $150 additional per credit hour
  • Dental Hygiene: $400 additional per credit hour
  • Dental Assisting: $100 additional per credit hour

The Maine Welcome Program

In accordance with the University of Maine System 50 State College Dream Completion Program, UMA will offer in-state tuition status to any U.S. college student who has been admitted to UMA and displaced by a COVID-19-related permanent closure of a U.S. institution of higher education. Details can be found here.

UMA Housing

UMA offers limited, affordable housing to full-time students attending the Augusta campus. Located in Hallowell, just over the Augusta city line, the historic Stevens, Erskine, and Cleveland Halls are renovated and preserved buildings, set high on a hill facing the Kennebec River. More details can be viewed here.

Stevens Hall FY 2024 RatesFall/SpringSummer
Single Bedroom (in a multi-bedroom suite)$3,957.00$2,638.00
Double Bedroom (in a multi-bedroom suite)$3,275.00$2,183.00
Erskine Hall FY 2024 Rates
Single Bedroom (in a multi-bedroom suite)$3,957.00$2,638.00
Double Bedroom (in a multi-bedroom suite)$3,275.00$2,183.00
Cleveland Hall FY 2024 Rates
Single $2,475.00$1,650.00

Direct Deposit

UMA offers the option to enroll in direct deposit for student refunds. Step-by-step instructions are available here.

Payment Plan

UMA offers a payment plan to assist students and their families’ budget more effectively to meet college costs.

Multi-Campus Students

Tuition, fees and other educational costs are approved annually for each of the seven campuses of the University of Maine System by the Board of Trustees. UMA students enrolled in classes hosted by other University of Maine campuses should consult that campus for information pertaining to tuition and fee amounts, billing, refund policies, and dates.

1098-t Tax Forms

1098-t forms are provided to students for tax reporting purposes at the end of January each year. A step by step guide to accessing the 1098-t through the Student Center Portal is available here. For more questions on reading the 1098-t, please visit the FAQ page on Maine.edu. If you have additional questions, please call the Student Accounts Office at 207-621-3131.

The Fine Print

The financial requirements of the University, changing costs, state and legislative action, and other matters may require an adjustment of charges and expenses. The University reserves the right to make such changes at any time. The applicant acknowledges this by submitting application for admission or registering.

General Fees

The financial requirements of the University, changing costs, state and legislative action, and other matters may require an adjustment of charges and expenses. The University reserves the right to make such changes at any time. The applicant acknowledges this by submitting application for admission or registering.

Tuition, fees and other educational costs are approved annually for each of the seven campuses of the University of Maine System by the Board of Trustees. Tuition and fees may be amended between the time of registration and the beginning of classes pending annual Board review.

Mandatory Fees (required of all students)

Unified Fees – All Locations: $32 per credit hour.
This fee supports activities such as student services, the operation of facilities such as student and fitness centers, and student-utilized, instruction related technologies.

Web Online Fee – Online: $12 per credit hour.
Applies to all courses with an online option including: Online/Hyflex/Web Synchronous/Hybrid

Student Activity Fee (Fall & Spring terms only): $2.25 per credit hour.
A student approved mandatory fee that is administered by the Student Government Association for educational, cultural, social, and recreational purposes. Changes to this fee require the approval of the student body, University President, Chancellor, and Board of Trustees.

Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance Plan Fall 2023:

  • International students are required to have minimum levels of health insurance coverage while they are attending UMA. To assist in meeting this requirement, we will be automatically charging the fee to their MaineStreet accounts. If they have outside insurance already and need to waive the UMA plan, they will need to go to the Gallagher website to do so before the deadline, which is TBD, 2023.
  • For Additional information please click here.
  • If you are in an academic program that requires health insurance, you will still be required to have active health insurance. Please contact the department directly

Major Fees

Some degree majors require additional fees to cover costs specific to that major.

Music Major Fee: $75 per semester (Fall & Spring only)

Nursing BSN Program Fee: A program fee for the pre-licensure nursing program

  • NUR-BS-BSN & UMF-BS-BSN – $493 per semester per semester
  • NUR-BS-ADV (4-Year Nursing Advanced Track) – $789 per semester

Other Fees (charged when appropriate):

Advanced Deposit (non-refundable): $50

EDU Task Stream License Fee: $139 one-time fee charged upon acceptance to an EDU minor or certificate program

Late Payment Fee: $25 per month up to $100

Payment Plan (non-refundable): $30 per semester

Installment Payment Plan Late Fee: $10 per late installment

Non-Negotiable Check Fee: $25 per check

Reinstatement Fee (non-refundable): $50

Shelter Institute Posting Fee: $50 per test

*For a complete listing of exam fees, contact the Advising Office or visit Testing and Assessment

Course Fees

Approved course fees are hereby listed in their entirety for the 2022 Academic Year; not all courses may be offered during the current term. Please consult your Course Guide for current term course listings.

Course fees are applied to specific courses to assist with covering extraordinary costs associated with offering that course. Course fee amounts represent the flat fees charged per course, unless otherwise indicated. Course fees are not subject to reimbursement after the add/drop period. Please contact Student Financial Services for more information.

SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
ART100Introduction to Studio Art$ 70
ART109Photographic Vision & Digital Discovery$ 70
ART1122-D Design$ 70
ART1133-D Design$ 70
ART115Drawing I$ 70
ART140Introduction to Digital Imaging$ 70
ART143Color Photography I$ 70
ART202Electronic Arts I$ 70
ART203Art Photography Now$ 70
ART209Silkscreen and Relief Printmaking$ 70
ART210Intaglio Printmaking$ 70
ART215Drawing II$ 70
ART219Sculpture I$ 70
ART221Painting I$ 70
ART227Watercolor Painting I$ 70
ART228Watercolor Painting II$ 70
ART229Metal Sculpture$ 70
ART251Ceramics I: Introductory Hand-Building$ 85
ART261Creative Bookmaking$ 70
ART289Topics in Art$70
ART294Independent Study in Studio Art$ 70
ART302Electronic Arts II: Snd Vid & Web$ 70
ART307Color & Light$ 70
ART308Medium and Large Format Photo$ 70
ART309Intermediate Printmaking$ 70
ART310Portrait Photography$ 70
ART315Drawing III$ 70
ART319Sculpture II$ 70
ART320Contemporary Studio Practice & Theory$ 70
ART321Painting II$ 70
ART330Graphic Storytelling Form & Practice*$ 70
ART340Documentary Photography$ 70
ART351Ceramics II: Intermediate Clay Working$ 85
ART394Independent Study in Studio Art$ 70
ART409Advanced Printmaking$ 70
ART415Figurative Studies$ 70
ART419Advanced Sculpture$ 70
ART420Senior Seminar$ 70
ART421Advanced Painting$ 70
ART430Senior Project$ 70
ART451Ceramics III: Advanced Clay Working$ 85
ART489Topics in Art$70
ART494Independent Study in Studio Art$ 70
*This course is cross listed with ENG 330 and INT 330
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
AUD219Intro to Audio Recording$60
AUD319Advanced Audio Technology$60
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
AVI100Commercial Drone School$500.00
AVI141Private Pilot Ground$160.00
AVI142Private Pilot Flight$21,735.00
AVI241Instrument Rating Ground$595.00
AVI242Instrument Rating Flight$17,758.00
AVI341Commercial Pilot Ground$494.00
AVI342ACommercial Pilot Flight (Part A)$6,744.50
AVI342BCommercial Pilot Flight (Part B)$6,252.50
AVI343ACommercial Pilot Flight (Part A)$7,769.50
AVI343BCommercial Pilot Flight (Part B)$14,320.50
AVI352ECommercial Airplane Add-On (6 Credits)$18,181.00
AVI441Flight Instructor and Instrument Ground$960.00
AVI442Flight Instructor and Instrument Flight$15,440.00
The above listed fees are the total of the average flight fees, manuals, and other assorted aviation fees for each listed course. Please contact the Student Financial Services Office for a full breakdown of the fees. Aviation flight time is based on national averages. Some students may require more flight time to complete the course. Fees are non-refundable.
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
BIO100Human Biology$50
BIO103Conservation Biology$25
BIO110General Biology I$35
BIO111General Biology II$50
BIO115Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology I$35
BIO116Mammalian Anatomy and Physiology II$35
BIO210Anatomy and Physiology$50
BIO265Veterinary Microbiology$50
BIO340Integrated Anatomy & Physiology II$50
BIO360Advanced Forensic Science I*$50
BIO361Advanced Forensic Science II*$50
BIO420Molecular Genetics Laboratory$100
BIO495Biology Research Laboratory$75
*These courses are cross-listed with FOC courses.
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
CHY100Fundamentals of Chemistry$25
CHY100Fundamentals of Chemistry (Web Section)$10
CHY103Chemistry for the Life Science$50
CHY108Allied Health Chemistry$25
CHY115General Chemistry I$50
CHY116General Chemistry II$50
CHY117Intro to Organic and Biochemistry$50
CHY211Organic Chemistry I$50
CHY211BOrganic Chemistry I Lab$50
CHY212Organic Chemistry II$50
CHY212BOrganic Chemistry II Lab$50
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
CIS100Intro to Computer Applications$20
CIS101Intro to Computer Science$20
CIS110Programming Fundamentals$20
CIS131Web Applications$20
CIS135Intro to Info Sys & App Dev I$20
CIS210Programming Concepts$20
CIS212Intro to Visual Basic Program$20
CIS214Intro to Java Programming$20
CIS215Intro to C++ Programming$20
CIS220Information Technology Hardware & Software$20
CIS221Operating Systems: Linux$20
CIS225Introduction to Health Informatics$20
CIS231Java Script$20
CIS240Networking Concepts$20
CIS241Routing and Switching Essentials$20
CIS245Wireless Networking$20
CIS255Database Design$20
CIS312Adv Visual Basic Programming$20
CIS314Adv Java Programming$20
CIS330Systems Analysis$20
CIS334PHP and MySQL$20
CIS335Systems Development: ASP$20
CIS338Content Management Systems$20
CIS339Web Development Frameworks$20
CIS340Scaling Networks$20
CIS350Database Management$20
CIS351Database Management Systems: Oracle$20
CIS352Data Visualization$20
CIS354Algorithms & Data Structures$20
CIS394Independent Study in Computer Information Systems**$20
CIS410Software Engineering$20
CIS440Network Security$100
CIS450Data Mining$20
CIS460Computer and Culture$20
CIS470Project Management$20
CIS475Advanced Health Informatics$20
CIS494Independent Study in Computer Information Systems**$20
*This course is cross-listed with BUA.
**The fee is charged unless an exception is approved for all students in a course section. The Provost Office approves exceptions.
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
CYB510Research Methods$50
CYB530Project Management in Cyber Security$50
CYB576Network Security Management$50
CYB583Database & Application Security$50
DSC225Intro to Health Formatics$20
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
FOC360Advanced Forensic Science I**$50
FOC361Advanced Forensic Science II**$50
**These courses are cross-listed with BIO.
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
EDU395Field Experience Seminar$75
EDU490A-MStudent Teaching (7-12)$200
EDU491Student Teaching Element K-8$200
EDU492Student Teaching (K-3)$200
EDU493A-MStudent Teaching (K-12)$200
*EDU Task Stream License Fee: $139 one-time fee charged upon acceptance to an EDU minor or certificate program
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
ENG330Graphic Storytelling Form & Prac*$70
*This course is cross listed with ART 330 and INT 330
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
FRE203Intermediate French I$60
FRE204Intermediate French II$60
FRE305Language and Culture of the Francophone World I$60
FRE306Language and Culture of the Francophone World II$60
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
SCI110Environmental Science$35
SCI115Introduction to the Marine Sciences$35
SCI115Introduction to the Marine Sciences (Web Section)$10
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
GEY101Physical Geology$25
GEY103Environmental Geology$25
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
ILS100Introduction Library Info Careers$15
ILS101Foundations of Info & Lib Sci$15
ILS109Information Literacy$5
ILS150Intro to Ref Services & Mater$15
ILS175Cataloging & Technical Processes$15
ILS201Library Services to Teens$15
ILS202Library Materials & Services for Children$15
ILS203Survey of Health Science Resources$15
ILS225Intro to Library Information Technology$15
ILS250Collection Development$15
ILS289Topics in Info & Library Science$15
ILS299Library Assistant Practicum & Capstone (80 hours)$20
ILS306Librarian as Teacher$15
ILS312Intro Archives & Manuscripts$15
ILS325Digital Library Technology$15
ILS350Advanced Librarianship$15
ILS365Web Page Design$15
ILS385Engagement and Advocacy$15
ILS412Digital Preser for Cult Instit$15
ILS420Rising to the Challenge$15
ILS441Information Brokering and Other Entrepreneurial Options for Library/Media Professionals$15
ILS442Library Management$15
ILS450Global Librarianship$15
ILS499Sr Capstone Internship or Advanced Research$30
*Subject designator was previously LIB.
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
INT330Graphic Storytelling Form & Prac*$70
INT330HGraphic Storytelling Form & Practice$70
INT352Data Visualization$20
*This course is cross listed with ART 330 and ENG 330
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
ISS210Intro to Information Systems Security$100
ISS220Security Risk Management$20
ISS232Intro to Cyber Forensics$100
ISS250Auditing IT Infrastructures$20
ISS260Cloud Security$100
ISS264Wireless and Mobile Security$100
ISS282Cybersecurity Operations$100
ISS310Information Security Architecture$100
ISS320Security Monitoring$100
ISS332System Forensics I$100
ISS340Computer Security$100
ISS350Databases & Database Security$20
ISS360Incident Response$100
ISS385Malware Analysis$100
ISS389Topics in Cybersecurity$150
ISS410Cyber Security I$100
ISS412Cyber Security II$100
ISS432System Forensics II$100
ISS434Mobile Forensics$100
ISS450Secure Software Design$20
ISS452Internet and Web Security$20
ISS470Information System Security Management$20
ISS482Advanced Cybersecurity Operations$100
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
MLT103Phlebotomy$ 100
MLT200Clinical Immunology$100
MLT203Clinical Chem II & Immunology$ 100
MLT204Clinical Microbiology$ 100
MLT205Immunohematology$ 100
MLT206Hematology/Coagulation$ 100
MLT395Hospital Practicum$ 100
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
MUS100Recital Lab$32.50
MUS108Concert Band$60
MUS115ABasic Applied Music: Sec$209.50
MUS115BPrivate Music Lessons$405.50
MUS141Applied Music: Major Instrument$206.50
MUS151Music Performance Ensemble(s)$101.50
MUS219Intro to Audio Recording *$60
MUS262Woodwind Techniques$206.50
MUS263Brass Techniques$206.50
MUS264String Techniques$206.50
MUS265Percussion Techniques$206.50
MUS266Vocal Techniques$206.50
MUS271Digital Music Systems$60
MUS272Electronic Dance Music Production$60
MUS300Applied Music Synthesis$60
MUS316A-BApplied Music$206.50
MUS319Advanced Audio Technology *$60
MUS345Applied Music: Major Instrument$206.50
MUS346Applied Music: Major Instrument$206.50
MUS355Music Performance Ensemble(s)$101.50
MUS447Applied Music: Major Instrument$206.50
MUS448Senior Concert$206.50
MUS457Senior Ensemble Sequence I$101.50
MUS458Senior Ensemble Sequence II$101.50
*These courses are cross-listed with AUD
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
NUR301Health Assessment Through Lifespan$75
NUR356Comm and Global Health Clinic$110
NUR499WSenior Seminar$25
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
PHY115General Physics I$ 25
PHY116General Physics II$ 25
PHY116HGeneral Physics II$ 25
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
UAS220UAS Design, Assemb & Maint Fix$500
UAS230UAS Design & Bldg Rotary Wing$500
UAS310Unmanned Aircraft Systems Lab$300
UAS420UAS Fund of Photogrammetry$500
UAS420EUAS Funds of Photogrammetry$500
SubjectNo.TitleApproved FY23
VTE200LClinical Lab Methods Lab$400
VTE210LSmall Animal Care & Hand Lab$400
VTE224LSurgical Nursing and Anesthesia Lab$400
VTE228LRadiology Lab$400
VTE314LLarge Animal Care & Hand Lab$400
VTE325LAdv Vet Surgery and Anesthesia II Lab$400
VTE326LDentistry for Vet Tech Lab$400

NEBHE Programs

The New England Board of Higher Education’s Regional Student Program permits qualified residents of the New England states to study with reduced tuition in specified programs at New England public institutions of higher education. The following UMA programs are NEBHE-qualified for students from these states:

Associate Programs

Applied ScienceCT,MA,NH,RI,VT
Contemporary and Popular MusicCT,MA,NH,VT
Information & Library Science*CT,MA,NH,RI,VT
Justice StudiesCT,MA,NH,RI,VT
Medical Laboratory TechnologyVT
Mental Health and Human ServicesNH,VT

*Instruction delivered via distance education.

Bachelor’s Programs

Applied Science (B.A.S.)MA,VT
 Architecture  (B.Arch)CT,RI,VT
Contemporary and Popular MusicCT,MA,NH,RI,VT
Data ScienceCT,MA,NH,RI,VT
Dental HygieneCT,MA,NH
Information and Library Sciences*MA,NH,RI,VT
Interdisciplinary StudiesCT,MA,NH,RI,VT
Justice StudiesCT,MA,NH,RI,VT
Mental Health and Human ServicesCT,NH
Social ScienceCT,MA,NH,RI,VT
Veterinary TechnologyCT,RI,VT

Canadian Residents: Please note that Canadian residents qualify for a reduced out-of-state tuition rate.

The entire NEBHE Tuition Break catalog, providing additional programs and institutions, is available here.