On both Augusta and Bangor campuses, Student Government Association(s) (SGA) are the elected governing body and are charged with representing the interests of the students of their respective campuses. Additionally, the SGA is responsible for overseeing the expenditure of student funds and facilitating leadership and learning opportunities outside of the classroom through academic, social, and cultural events.

Members from each SGA, as well as student representatives from the UMA Centers, meet collectively as a General Assembly (GA) to represent the interests and serve as the primary source of communication and policy formulation for all UMA students.

The other tabs in this section provide current rosters for each of the student governing bodies.

General Assembly, 2023-2024
PositionStudent NameCampus AffiliationEmail AddressPhone Number
ChairHeidi TonerBangorheidi.toner@maine.edu262-7860
Vice ChairNichole RegnetAugustanichole.regnet@maine.edu621-3230
Executive SecretaryMandy McCannBangormandy.mccann@maine.edu262-7860
Budget and Finance ManagerGabe FroudeAugustagabriel.froude@maine.edu621-3230
Student Representative to the Board of TrusteesGrace HillsBangorgrace.hills@maine.edu262-7860
Distance Education Student CoordinatorVACANT
Advisor(s)Chris Hart
Rose Pelletier Alissa Gervais

Augusta Bangor
rosep@maine.edu alissa.gervais@maine.edu
621-3442 262-7817

Updated 06/25/2024

Augusta Campus Student Government Association, 2024-2025

The Augusta SGA Office is located in Randall Student Center, Room 126.

PositionStudent NameEmail AddressPhone Number
PresidentNichole Regnetnichole.regnet@maine.edu621-3230
Vice PresidentVanessa Woodsvanessa.woods@maine.edu621-3230
Executive SecretaryVACANT621-3230
Budget and Finance ManagerGabe Froudegabriel.froude@maine.edu621-3230
Public Relations CoordinatorVACANT621-3230
Activities CoordinatorVACANT
Student Body RepresentativeVACANT
Student Body RepresentativeVACANT
Student Body RepresentativeVACANT
Student Body RepresentativeVACANT
Coordinator of Student Life / AdvisorRose Pelletierrosep@maine.edu621-3442

Updated 05/07/2024

Bangor Campus Student Government Association, 2023-2024

The Bangor SGA Office is located in Eastport Hall, Room 137

PositionStudent NameEmailPhone Number
PresidentHeidi Tonerheidi.toner@maine.edu262-7860
Vice PresidentMandy McCannmandy.mccann@maine.edu262-7860
Executive SecretaryVACANT262-7860
Interim Budget and Finance ManagerBrad Burdenbradley.burden@maine.edu262-7860
Public Relations CoordinatorVACANT
Activities CoordinatorVACANT
Interim Student Body RepresentativeColby Quinlancolby.quinlan@maine.edu262-7992
Interim Student Body RepresentativeCarly Andersoncarly.anderson@maine.edu262-7992
Student Representative to the Board of TrusteesGrace Hillsgrace.hills@maine.edu262-7992
Coordinator of Student Life / AdvisorAlissa Gervaisalissa.gervais@maine.edu262-7817

Updated 06/25/2024