UMA's Department of Learning Success exists to help students develop the skills and find the resources they need to get the most out of college, and successfully achieve their educational goals.

Learning Success

We provide services to students taking UMA courses at any location

Talk with a member of the Learning Success professional staff at the Augusta or Bangor campus or at the UMA center near you.  They can tell you about resources and techniques to help you strengthen your learning effectiveness, and reduce the challenges and stresses of learning.

Learning Success Contacts

We provide tutoring to help students master course material

Tutoring is intended to help students increase their understanding of course material and improve their learning and study skills. Tutoring is available for most developmental and introductory courses as well as some upper-level courses. It is provided in individual or small group settings by qualified community or peer tutors. Tutoring is intended as a supplement to classroom instruction, and is not a substitute for regular attendance and participation in your classes.  Please come to tutoring sessions prepared with your questions so the tutors can help you.


We help students develop skills for effective, self-confident learning

For years you have gone to school to learn, but probably never been taught how to learn. Learning Success professional staff will meet with you in person or by phone to discuss your learning process, and help you discover ways to study more effectively with less stress and frustration.

Online Learning Resources