The Writing Center supports students, faculty, and staff in the UMA community with their writing projects by offering one-to-one distance and in-person tutoring, classroom workshops and presentations, and context-specific writing resources.

Writing Center tutors are UMA students trained in providing feedback for writing projects across the UMA curriculum as well as for personal and professional writing.

UMA Bangor Writing Center is Open in Belfast Hall 214!

Monday – Wednesday 9am – 1pm
Tuesday 9am – 3 pm
Thursday 9am – 4:30 pm

Need help outside of drop-in hours? Need remote help?

Email for an appointment. We answer email Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.

More Helpful Writing Resources:

  • Students with writing assignments can email their drafts to the UMA Augusta Writing Center. Or if in the Augusta area, meet in-person with a tutor on Mondays all summer long! Check out the Augusta Campus Writing Center.
  • The UMA VAWLT is also available to all students, regardless of location.
  • MLA is not the misspelled prefix ‘mal’ meaning bad. It’s the Modern Language Association, and it’s a great way to easily cite sources. Here are a couple of resources for all things MLA:
  • Does APA stand for Anxiety Pressure Attack? If you think so, take a deep breath and check out these resources for APA (American Psychological Association) citation guidelines. Pretty soon, you’ll turn APA into your A Plus Advantage!