Students and prospective students with disabilities should follow the steps below if they require academic or residential accommodations.

The accommodate logo is a light blue circle with a white lowercase "a" inside.

UMA uses the Accommodate system to manage accommodations requests and implementation. You can access Accommodate through your MyUMA Portal or with this link. Please contact the Division of Academic Success if you have any questions about the accommodations process.

  1. Request: Fill out the Accommodation Request Form.
  2. Documentation: If the disability is not readily apparent, the student will need to provide clear information on the nature of their disability and desired accommodations. The student’s own description of the specific impact of their disability will be considered, and current documentation from a qualified medical or licensed professional evaluator may be required. Such documentation should describe the nature, longevity, and severity of symptoms, as well as the impact which the disability has on the learning process. All documentation is considered confidential. If possible, have your relevant healthcare provider fill out our Documentation of Need form. Documentation of previous accommodations (IEPs, 504 plans, accommodation letters from a previous higher education institution) is also useful. You can upload documents directly into the Accommodation Request Form. If you have questions or concerns about providing documentation of your disability, please contact the Division of Academic Success.
  3. Book an Appointment: Log into Accommodate to book an initial appointment. You can meet with Academic Success staff in-person on the Bangor campus or remotely via Zoom. We will discuss your accommodation needs and work together to determine appropriate accommodations based on the information available.
  4. Notification: When accommodations are deemed appropriate you will receive a notification that your approved accommodations are ready to be viewed in Accommodate. You will complete a semester request each semester that you would like to use your accommodations. After you complete your semester request, your professors will be notified of your accommodations.
  5. Planning & Communication: Some types of accommodations, such as modifications for taking exams, require ongoing communication between student and professor to arrange specific details. Plan ahead, and be sure everyone involved knows the plan. We encourage students to discuss their specific accommodations needs with their professors.
  6. Problem Solving: Any problems with a student’s accommodations which occur during the semester should be discussed with Academic Success staff as soon as possible. We are here to help!
  7. Appeal: If a student does not agree with the accommodations deemed appropriate by Academic Success staff, the student may appeal to the UMA Equal Opportunity Officer.

More about Accommodate

This system allows students to:

  • View their approved accommodations at any time.
  • Request additional accommodations that may be needed.
  • Complete a semester request every semester to communicate the continuation of accommodations.
  • View, save and print an accommodation letter.
  • View documentation and/or important releases signed.
  • Access helpful resources to assist with academic success.
  • Request alternative format texts if this is an approved accommodation.
  • View equipment signed out as well as when it is due for return.
  • For those students who receive note-taking services, online access to notes.

Questions about the Accommodate system or the accommodation process? Contact the Division of Academic Success at or 207-621-3044.