Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) encompasses a process by which students can earn college credit for college-level learning from work and life experience gained outside the traditional classroom setting.

Below you will find links to information about all the avenues by which UMA accepts credit for prior learning.  If you feel that you are a candidate for Prior Learning, you are encouraged to speak an advisor or the contacts listed below.

Credits earned through external exam or external credential review cannot be used toward meeting residency requirements.  Thus, the following PLA credits cannot be used towards meeting UMA residency requirements:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) credits
  • CLEP Exam credits
  • DSST (DANTES) Exam credits
  • NLN (National League of Nursing) Exam credits
  • External Training/Credential Review credits
  • Military Training credits

The following PLA may be used toward meeting residency if they meet the stated criteria:

  • Challenge Exam credits must meet the following criteria in order for credits earned to count toward residency:
    • Students completing the exams must be matriculated
    • Exams must be created and evaluated by UMA faculty
  • Academic Portfolio credits must meet the following criteria in order for the credits earned to count toward residency:
    • Students must be matriculated
    • Portfolios must be evaluated by UMA faculty

No PLA opportunity will impact a student’s GPA in any way, regardless of the score a student earns on the exam.  No credits earned through PLA at another University of Maine System institution will count toward the residency requirements for UMA.  Exceptions to the PLA residency policy must be approved by the Dean’s Office of the college in which the student’s major resides.

Contact Information

Credit by Examination:

Augusta: Eric Allain, Toll-free: 1(877) UMA-1234 ext. 3392 or (207) 621-3392;

Portfolio Review:

Augusta/Bangor: Haley Brown, Toll-free: 1(877) UMA-1234 ext. 3130 or (207) 621-3130;

External Training:

Beth Vigue, Toll-free: 1(877) UMA-1234 ext. 3291 or (207) 621-3291;

Learn about UMA’s Transfer policies here.