Career exploration is crucial for several reasons:

  • Self-Discovery: Exploring various career paths allows individuals to better understand their interests, values, strengths, and weaknesses. This self-awareness is fundamental in making informed decisions about future career paths.
  • Clarifying Goals: Through exploration, individuals can clarify their career goals and aspirations. They can identify industries, roles, and work environments that align with their interests and ambitions.
  • Expanding Possibilities: Career exploration opens doors to a wide range of opportunities that individuals may not have considered previously. It introduces them to diverse career paths and industries, expanding their horizons and possibilities.
  • Building Skills: Engaging in different experiences and roles during career exploration helps individuals develop valuable skills and competencies. These skills not only enhance employability but also contribute to personal and professional growth.
  • Networking: Career exploration involves connecting with professionals, mentors, and peers within various industries. Networking provides insights, advice, and potential opportunities, serving as a valuable resource throughout one’s career journey.
  • Adaptability: In today’s rapidly changing job market, adaptability is essential. Career exploration encourages individuals to be open-minded and adaptable, prepared to navigate changes and seize new opportunities as they arise.
  • Long-Term Satisfaction: By thoroughly exploring career options, individuals are more likely to find fulfilling and meaningful work that aligns with their values and passions. This can lead to greater job satisfaction and overall well-being in the long run.

Overall, career exploration is a dynamic and ongoing process that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their professional paths, ultimately leading to personal and professional fulfillment.

The professional UMA Career Connections staff is here to assist you on your career exploration journey.

Individual appointments with a career counselor are available to assist you in navigating your career path, ranging from choosing a major of study and defining your career goals to preparing for the job search (finding listings, resume/cover letter writing, interviews, and more). You can make an appointment by clicking on this link. Counselors are available in person, over the phone, e-mail, or through Zoom. UMA Centers also provide career exploration services; click here to visit a UMA Center near you.


We offer three assessments that can assist with career planning:

  • World of Work Inventory (WOWI)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • StrengthsFinder

Other available assessments include:


What is career readiness?

Career readiness refers to the attainment of skills, knowledge, and attributes that prepare individuals for success in the workplace and in their chosen careers. It encompasses a broad range of competencies beyond technical skills, focusing on personal qualities, professional behaviors, and adaptability. Career readiness is essential for individuals to effectively navigate the complexities of today’s job market and to thrive in their careers.

Overall, career readiness is about equipping individuals with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to succeed in the workplace and to effectively manage their careers over time. It is a lifelong process of learning, growth, and development that empowers individuals to achieve their full potential in their chosen careers.

The National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE ) has identified eight career readiness competencies, each of which can be demonstrated in a variety of ways.

  • Career & Self Development
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Technology

For more information about this initiative, please download this handout, or visit this site.

CareerLink Cube

UMA CareerLink is UMA’s online job/internship database, and career exploration system. 

Here is what is available to you in the system:

  • Apply online to hundreds of jobs and internships.
  • Use the Resume Builder to get started on resumes and cover letters.
  • Have a Career Connections staff member review your resume and cover letter electronically
  • Take the Career Finder assessment to integrate your interests into a potential career
  • Gather career information to make informed decisions about future career plans
  • And much more!

Current Students: Please click on the blue cube in your UMA Portal Launchpad. If your account comes up with an error/disabled message, please contact Haley Brown.

Alumni: Please click on this link to visit the login/registration page. This is also the link you will need to log into your account in the future.

New Ventures Maine
New Ventures Maine provides free services in the areas of: career planning, starting a business, money management, and leadership. For more information, visit their website.

Maine Career Centers
Maine Career Centers provide employment information and services to Maine residents. For more information, visit their website.