Natasha (Natalia) A. Abramova

Natasha (Natalia) A. Abramova
Title Lecturer, PhD Biology

302 Camden Hall
UMA Bangor Campus


My teaching is based on the following principles: I love the subjects I teach, I teach them in the format easy to understand and to learn; and I encourage learners to question, challenge and apply the subject concepts and practicalities in everyday life.

Subjects taught

Human biology, general and organic chemistry, genetics, neurophysiology, nutrition and botany, on-site and online. Working for UMA since 2008, currently teaching BIO123 (Intro to Botany), BIO/PSY202 (Biological Basis of Behavior).


PhD (1993) -Moscow State University, Russia, (biochemistry).
Postdoctoral Training (1994-1998) University of Virginia, VA, USA (molecular genetics and biotech).

Selected papers, presentations, and awards


1. N. A. Abramova, A. S. Blagovidov (2017) Prospects for application of biotechnology in mining industry. Russian Journal of Mining (Горный Журнал), Vol 7, 74-79

2. Taylor J, Abramova N, Charlton J, Adler PN (1998) Van Gogh: a new Drosophila tissue polarity gene. Genetics 1998 Sep; 150(1):199-210

3. N. A. Abramova, J. Russell, M. Botchan and Rong Li (1997) Interaction between replication protein A and p53 is disrupted after UV damage in a repair-dependent manner. Proc.Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol 94, pp7186-7191


(2014) UMA E-Learning Technology Grant Award

(2012) MTI Tech Start Grant Award


(2020) The United Nations International day of Happiness (Moscow, Russia), invited speaker “Neurophysiology of Happiness”,

(2016, 2017) “Leadership and Team building in Educational Institutions” Conference (Russia), invited speaker, “Team building and teamwork to improve the efficiency of the educational process”.


(2019) Led an international team of scientists to study tropical forests (endorsed by SINAC, National System of Conservation Areas, Costa Rica).