Information and Library Services

Here’s an outstanding program you can complete from anywhere. Providing a foundation in computer information systems, public service programming, reference and database searching, library technical processes, and more, you’ll be poised for success within the field of library and information services. Related opportunities abound in business, public service, education, and communications.

Degree Offered: B.S. and A.S.
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Information and Library Services


The Bachelor of Science in Information and Library Services provides students an opportunity to develop technological skills, attain a broad liberal arts education, and increase creative and critical thinking abilities for employment in libraries and information centers. It is the natural extension of the Associate of Science in ILS offered by UMA. Students with the Bachelor's degree will be prepared to enter the field of library and information technology as specialized paraprofessionals, able to work independently in many employment settings. Library support staff and technicians currently employed in school and public libraries can advance themselves professionally and fiscally by pursuing the B.S. in ILS. The B.S. degree also prepares students for further study in Information and Library Services at the Graduate level.

Entrance Requirements:

To be admitted to the Bachelor of Science degree, either Option 1 or Option 2 must be met. If neither is possible, all students will follow Option 3.

  • Option 1: successful completion of 30 credits from an accredited institution with a GPA of at least 2.50
  • Option 2: SATs of 1,000 combined points
  • Option 3: Students who do not meet either of the first two criteria will be required to enter into the A.S. degree program. After successfully completing 30 credits, students may transfer into the B.S. degree.


Upon successful completion of the program (120 credit hours at a minimum GPA of 2.00 and a minimum grade of "C" in all library and information technology courses), the student will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Library and Information Services degree.

Degree Requirements:

The Bachelor of Science is 120 hours of credit work to include the following program requirements.

Program Requirements

Please see our checksheets for the different program requirements.

  • Bachelor of Science (PDF)
  • Associate of Science (PDF)
  • Certificate (PDF)

Additionally, as part of the ILS 499 Senior Capstone Course, students are required to do an internship consisting of 120 hours on-site at a library under the supervision of an MLS librarian. While many of our students have extensive backgrounds in ILS, the internship is still required and many students find this a great opportunity to explore a new area of library services they have not been able to exerpeince.

Course Delivery:

ILS courses are taught asynchronously via the Internet, some streamed video instruction, and computer conferencing technologies are used. Contact between faculty and students is maintained via e-mail, phone, discussion in the course management system and other technologies as parties are able to participate (skype, chatting, etc.). While all courses (both program and general education) are available through UMA to students who can not come to campus, if a student has the option, non-library courses can be completed at regionally accredited colleges and universities of the students' choice or through UMA. The B.S. degree requires 120 credit hours of coursework of which 44 hours are to be ILS courses taken through UMA. Any outside courses to be taken for the general education requirements must be approved by your UMA adviser BEFORE being taken.

This distance education option includes national and international delivery via asynchronous and some synchronous options and technologies. Computer use, e-mail skills, and access to Internet(high speed preferred) are required to be successful in the program.


See UMA's Tuition and Fees page for current tuition costs.

Application and Registration:

Students may apply and register by contacting the UMA Office of Admissions,

For more information please see our ILS Program "Steps through the Admissions Process" Guide.