Empowerment through information; connecting communities and changing lives.

ILS Program Coordinator Jodi Williams chats with ILS online students

Modern Librarianship is about engaging in our wider communities; helping our patrons and members enhance their knowledge; and developing relationships with the different forms of information around us.

The UMA Information and Library Science (ILS) Program has been working with students around the United State and the World in its more than 20 year history to provide the practical hands on skills, experiences, and philosophies to help our students become successful library professionals in a myriad of positions.

We are a regionally accredited and ALA-certified undergraduate program offering a Certificate (22 credit hours), an Associate Degree (66 credit hours) and a Bachelor’s of Information and Library Science (120 credit hours) completely online.

As a part of UMA’s ILS program you will have the opportunity to:

  • engage with, and apply information concepts and philosophies in a myriad of settings,
  • learn by doing through experiential learning assignments,
  • participate in your local library & information agency communities,
  • connect with your faculty through video conferencing, phone, texting, on-campus meetings whatever works best for you as a student, and
  • learn from professionals currently in the field, and your fellow students with diverse and varied backgrounds.

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Angie HI never knew I could take classes that were immediately applicable to my career, but UMA’s ILS classes are. A theory or idea discussed in class on Monday becomes a practice or real application on Friday.”

– Angie H. class of ’18