Faculty Engagement

The ILS faculty develop libraries in remote areas of India, run outstanding YA programs in local libraries, conduct research on elearning and eteaching. We are also artists, archivists, college librarians, part-time farmers, gardeners… and ALWAYS learning!

Most importantly, the ILS Faculty have a grounded, and practical hands-on approach to teaching and learning. We support our students in developing the knowledge, skills and confidence to enter the field of library and information services as specialized paraprofessionals. UMA’s ILS program is a certified provider of courses meeting the ALA Library Support Staff Certification requirements.

Program Coordinator

Jodi WilliamsJodi W. Kosakowski

Title: Associate Professor of Information and Library Science
Phone: 207.621.3341
Email: jodi.williams@maine.edu

Information & Library Science Faculty

David Anderson

Title: Part-Time Faculty

I grew up on the coast of Maine where the sea and sailing ships were a part of my everyday life. They sparked a sense of mystery and adventure in me. I had learned to read at an early age … Read More

Donna Bancroft

Title: Part-Time Faculty

A member of the ILS faculty for over 10 years, Donna has worked as a medical librarian in the past (13 years) and has also been the director of four different libraries. Currently she works with a non-profit organization called … Read More

Tamara Blesh

Title: Lecturer III B - Part Time

Designing and teaching ILS 450 Global Librarianship is a part of my lifestyle of traveling, visiting libraries in the global arena, and working with diverse and multicultural populations. It not only encompasses my career as a library and technology specialist … Read More

Jill Hooper

Title: Lecturer I - Part Time

Jill, a school librarian, has experience working on public library boards, the YSS Lupine Committee, and collaborating with public libraries. When not in libraries or schools, Jill can be found in her garden, camping, or in a theater working with … Read More

Jodi W. Kosakowski

Title: Associate Professor of Information and Library Science

When I was an undergraduate student at a state school in Connecticut, I learned something that our UMA students continue to reinforce as one of the most basic truths of learning: It’s not just the education; it’s what you do … Read More

Daniel Norton

Title: Lecturer I - Part Time

I’m a first-generation college student of Irish-American heritage. I live and work in Boston. I’ve earned two undergraduate degrees from the University of Maine at Augusta, and I’m pursuing a graduate degree from Drexel University. I have experience working in … Read More

Melissa Orth

Title: Lecturer III - Part Time

A member of the ILS faculty since 2001, Melissa M. Orth serves teens full time as the teen librarian in the Youth Services Department at Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick, ME. When not teaching online, hosting fandom club or a … Read More

Anastasia Weigle

Title: Assistant Professor of Information and Library Sciences (ILS)

Anastasia has a diverse background in archives management in museums, historical societies, and libraries. Anastasia’s research interests are in materials experience as information gathering, particularly for users in the studio arts and material culture. When she is not teaching, she … Read More