About the Information & Library Science Program

Bachelor of Science
Associate of Science

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UMA and its programs are accredited by the New England Association of Colleges and Schools. The American Library Association (ALA) currently only accredits Masters Level programs, it does not accredit undergraduate programs in library studies.

However, there is an undergraduate Library Support Staff Certification Program sponsored by the ALA. UMA is an approved course provider for the Library Support Staff Certification project to meet the Library Support Staff National Certification Competencies. For more information, please see the LSSC homepage. Their FAQ page contains some very useful information for students interested in this project.

Job markets vary from region to region, but anyone who monitors listservs and job boards can tell you, there are many jobs at all levels in libraries. If you want to know the job market is like in your state it is recommended you check your state library association website for jobline postings. This will give you an idea of qualifications and other important traits employers are looking for.

We, in the ILS program at UMA use the term library information science professionals to describe our students and their work in libraries.

Library support staff, technicians and paraprofessionals, work alongside librarians providing access and services to library patrons. A professional librarian has a Master’s degree in Library Science (MLS) or Library and Information Studies (MLIS). The difference between professional and paraprofessional work varies by library. For example, some libraries save all “ready reference” questions for the professional staff; others involve paraprofessionals with these inquiries.

About Online Learning

No, ILS courses are delivered via the Internet and some recorded instruction is streamed through our course ware, BlackBoard (Bb). More about UMA Online.

Of course, we’d be happy for you to come visit and march at Graduation, or visit us if you vacation in Maine. Just give the ILS office a call and let them know when you might stop by campus 1-877-UMA-1234 ext 3341.

Connect to UMA Online to learn more about online education at UMA.

Familiarity with e-mail, Internet and word processing are important to taking classes. If you are new to computers, or have little experience, don’t worry, support is available to help get you started. One of the goals of the ILS program is to familiarize you with tools common in today’s libraries.

About UMA

Yes. Visit Financial Services to learn more.

You can receive financial aid from UMA, and you can receive financial aid at a local college within your home state, but NOT at the same time.

Students can either sign up with UMA and take all their courses with us, or (working with the ILS office) take your general education requirements locally and receive financial aid through that local institution and then apply to UMA and receive financial aid for the ILS courses through UMA.

More about Financial Aid at UMA.

All prior transcripts will be evaluated when a student is admitted to the ILS program. See Transfer Credits and Prior Learning Assessments.

If you have more questions, please call or write Jodi Kosakowski, 1-877-UMA-1234 x3341 or e-mail, lnitcoord@maine.edu.