Online Classes  – courses offered online using a computerized learning management system (Brightspace), email, and the Web for communication, research, and information resources. (Some online classes may require proctored exams to be taken on campus at a Center or a Site near your home. Policies are determined by professor and are notated in MaineStreet.)

Blended Classes – (a.k.a. hybrid) a combination of class attendance (on-campus, or at a UMA Center) and online learning.

Delayed Viewing (asynchronous) – courses that can be viewed online after the class has already taken place. Delayed viewing classes are notated as to whether instructor permission is required to watch at home or at your office, or whether you must attend a Center or Site to watch. (Some courses with delayed viewing options may still require proctored exams to be taken at the regularly scheduled times. Policies are determined by the professor and are notated in MaineStreet.)

Center –  a location where a UMA delivers courses and full degree programs from UMA so that students can get a university education without having to move away from home. There are 8 Centers located throughout the state of Maine.

Site – a location within the state of Maine (often a public school or library) where UMA students can view/attend ITV courses and can take exams.  There are more than 30 sites throughout the state.