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Adjunct Faculty

Meredith Kendall teaches Reiki at the University of Maine at Augusta and nursing at the Maine College of Health Professions. She teaches in the Associate and Baccalaureate nursing programs in hybrid and online courses.

Kendall is a Reiki teacher/practitioner. She conducted and published Reiki research. She created and established Reiki programs at two medical facilities in Maine. Kendall is the author of two books about Reiki; Reiki Nurse: My life as a nurse and how Reiki changed it, and Reiki Stories: My hot hands.

Kendall was the recipient of the 2012 St Joseph’s College of Maine Alumna of the Year Award, distance education. She serves on the Board of The Pierce House, a 16-bed assisted living facility. Kendall looks forward to working with students: guiding and facilitating their experience and supporting their wellness.


B.S.N., University of Southern Maine, 1985.
M.S.N. Education, Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, 2006.

Meredith Kendall