Cancellations & Emergency Alerts

Cancellations and delays are listed as an alert on the UMA Saco Center website. Please call the Center at 282-4111 for the latest information regarding cancellations or postponements.

Saco Alert

Please know from what campus your course originates. If the originating campus is closed, the course is canceled even if the Center is open. Most of the campuses also offer electronic emergency alerts through text and/or email. For more information or to subscribe to a campus alert:


Final course grades are not mailed. Grades are retrieved via MaineStreet (select “student self-service” “student center” and “grades”).


Staff at the Center do not take personal messages for students or organizations. The exception to this policy is a credible emergency. In such cases, the staff will make every effort but cannot guarantee delivery of the message.


Students are encouraged to take security precautions in going to and from classes. Lock your car doors. Please report any security concerns to a member of the staff.