Introducing the New UMA Student Tech Hub 1.0!

The Hub

We’re here to help you set yourself up for success in the fall semester. The new Tech Hub is your place to find:

  • Student support, tutorials and documentation for Brightspace;
  • Resources to help with internet connections from off-campus; and
  • Basic information about device requirements and how to purchase devices at educational pricing.

We plan to grow the UMA Tech Hub!

UMA Student Tech HubWhile testing version 1.0 we received excellent suggestions from many students and student support staff. We will be using those recommendations to design and develop version 2.0 and beyond! Suggestions future features include but are not limited to:

  • Student Tech FAQs
  • Robust documentation and tutorials for Zoom, Kaltura and other tech used in courses.
  • Mainestreet how-to’s;
  • EAB Navigate on-boarding;
  • and more!

Visit the Tech Hub »