Student Support and Development (SSD) Team Arrivals

River Martin The Student Support and Development (SSD) team is happy to announce the arrival of part-time CARE Navigator, River Martin. In his role, River will be supporting the UMA community by reviewing incoming CARE reports, attending CARE team meetings, and offering psychoeducational programming. River joins us after serving on the local mobile crisis team. He looks forward to offering suicide prevention education and other mental health trainings. River is also a full-time graduate student in USM’s clinical counseling program.

For the fall semester, the Augusta team in Student Support and Development has welcomed three graduate-level practicum students who are all studying clinical mental health counseling.

Charles HuerthCharles Huerth is currently a student in the Master of Science in Counseling program at the University of Southern Maine. Huerth has a passion for working with teenagers and those exploring new life paths. Having professional experience in marketing, education, and working with youth from 5-85 years old, Charles himself has had genuine experience in exploring the world and finding his true passion in life. In his current role as the Executive Director of the August Teen Center, he has worked to develop resources for teenagers that help each teen grow into the potential adults we need in our communities.

Kelsie GagnonKelsie is a graduate student at the University of Southern Maine studying Clinical Mental Health. A former elementary school teacher, she is passionate about creating and fostering relationships that encourage development and growth. Halfway through her program, her goal is to work with couples as well as individuals in order to live their most fulfilling, authentic, and vibrant lives. When she isn’t studying for graduate school, she loves to spend time at the beach, watching movies, reading, and hunting down the best chocolate chip cookie around.

Alexandra HoodAlexandra is a current graduate student at the University of Southern Maine in Counselor Education for Clinical Mental Health. In her work, she appreciates systemic perspectives and is pursuing an area of expertise in family systems. Alexandra enjoys making art, cooking, sitting down with a book, and long walks with her dog, Piper.