UMA Cyber Moose Ranked 17th Nationally in Cyber League Competition

Cyber MooseUniversity of Maine at Augusta (UMA) Cyber Moose participated in the National Cyber League (NCL) Championship Postseason competition, finishing 17th overall out of 368 teams nationwide. UMA students participating were Austin Brower, Pierre Laot, Jason McLean, Samantha Wilkins, and Aaron Sawyer. In addition, the Cyber Moose team ranked in the top 10 for the following issue specific categories:

  • 1st in Network Traffic Analysis,
  • 1st in Wireless Access Exploitation,
  • 5th in Open Source Intelligence,
  • 5th in Scanning and Recon,
  • 7th in Log Analysis.

The NCL postseason team championships took place the weekend of November 16-18, 2018. Competencies measured in NCL National Championship Postseason game included open source intelligence, network traffic analysis, log analysis, scanning & reconnaissance, wireless access exploitation, cryptography, password cracking, web application and exploitation, and enumeration & exploitation.

During the NCL regular season, 3324 players participated from all over the country on an individual basis. Three UMA students ranked in the top 100 players. Jason McLean finished 2nd overall, and 1st nationwide in the Web Application Exploitation category. Pierre Laot placed 43rd overall, and Aaron Sawyer placed 49th overall. Samantha Wilkins finished 1st in the Password Cracking category.

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Cyber Moose

The Cyber Moose is UMA’s cybersecurity team created in 2017 for team competitions. Through national competitions, team members seek to compete nationwide and work together to improve their knowledge and skills. Cyber Moose recruits students from any level in cybersecurity. The preparation for and participation in the competitions provide real world scenarios that will be helpful in becoming well-trained experts and improving their individual skills sets. This in turn
will be a strong advantage in various professions. Team members work together, learn from each other and challenge themselves.

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