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Face Coverings Requirements within UMA Facilities

Face coverings are required indoors for all persons – students, staff, faculty and visitors – regardless of vaccination status when indoors at a University facility.  This is effective August 18, 2021 through September 30, 2021.

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Fall Semester 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Information

Student Vaccination Information and Requirements

As outlined in the University of Maine System (UMS) COVID-19 Student Vaccination Requirements (8/04/2021), any student participating in any on-campus experience for the fall 2021 semester must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  Students must upload their vaccination status via the PointNClick portal. Information on the PointNClick Portal process is available here.  Vaccination clinics may be located on the Maine CDC Vaccination Sites.  Students who are not fully vaccinated by the start of the semester will need to follow the unvaccinated protocols (including weekly testing and masking in university facilities) until they are fully vaccinated.

The UMS policy does provide exemptions to the vaccination requirement for:

  1. Documented medical contraindication: a written statement from a licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant that, in the provider’s professional judgment, immunization may be medically inadvisable.
  2. Sincerely held religious belief: a signed statement from the student, or guardian if the student is a minor, that the student’s sincerely held religious beliefs are contrary to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement.
  3. Remote learning only: a signed statement from the student, or guardian if the student is a minor, that the student will only enroll in remote learning courses that involve no participation in an on-campus experience at any University location. Because not all courses are available in an online modality, students who choose this option understand, agree and accept that this may limit their educational options and that, depending on degree program or course of study, it may not be possible to complete a course of study through remote learning only.

Students seeking an exemption for any of the three reasons stated above must complete the appropriate exemption form available on the PointNClick portalAdditionally, exempt students coming to campus or centers will be required to wear masks while on campus and must take part in the UMS COVID-19 weekly testing protocols.

After October 15, 2021, unvaccinated, non-exempt students will not be permitted in classrooms, residence halls, or other University facilities and will not be permitted to participate in on-campus experiences or university activities.

Students may be able to continue their education fully remotely if they can do so using already existing remote options (students can apply for an exemption for fully remote learning using the vaccination verification guide); however, many programs or courses do not offer remote options and, depending on degree program or course of study, it may not be possible to complete a course of study through remote learning only. In short, students who are not in compliance by October 15, 2021, will not be able to continue as part of the in-person university community and may also experience a disruption in their education.

COVID-19 Testing Information and Requirements

Weekly asymptomatic testing, tracing, and isolation strategies will continue for the fall semester for faculty and staff who are unvaccinated AND working on a campus or center. Unvaccinated students with an approved exemption (see above) must also be tested weekly, if they are engaged in activities during the fall semester on a campus or center. Engaged activities with a physical presence on campus or center include:

  • Faculty who are teaching in-person courses or in-person components of courses;
  • Students enrolled in in-person courses or in-person components of courses;
  • Those engaged in in-person research;
  • Staff in positions for which they are physically on campus; or
  • Individuals who live in university housing.

Fully vaccinated members of the University community will be exempt from weekly COVID-19 testing required of everyone participating in an on-campus experience.

Members of the UMA community who provide verification that they are fully vaccinated will not be required to participate in the UMS asymptomatic testing program and are exempt from quarantining if they are a close contact of someone known to have COVID-19.

If you are fully vaccinated please visit the vaccination submission form on our COVID-19 Testing Tracker so you can report your status. It’s fast, easy, confidential, and doing so ends the requirement that you test weekly to participate in on-campus activities.