At the University of Maine at Augusta, our first priority is helping our students to succeed. Success demands that a student begin his or her college work with the proper preparation. To be admitted to UMA in a degree program, an applicant must have a high school diploma or have earned a General Equivalency Diploma (GED/HiSET). Applicants should be able to demonstrate proficiency in reading writing and mathematics. Generally, we require students to have been in the upper 75% of their high school graduating class or receive comparable GED/HiSET scores.

For students in the lower 25% of their high school class (or the lower 25th percentile of GED test scores), and/ or those with low SAT scores, UMA requires pre-admission testing. Many other students without college experience take placement tests during the admissions process before registering for classes. These tests in reading, writing and mathematics enable new students to understand how to initiate their course of study.

Many students will find their skills are already adequate for UMA’s academic demand, and will begin their studies without developmental courses in their schedules. Some students may need an opportunity to review their skills in reading, writing and / or mathematics. These students will take the appropriate UMA development course or courses. Some students might need more intensive work on their skills. These students will be referred to their local adult education program.

Students needing adult education work on a single skill will be offered admission to the University of Maine at Augusta. Applicants who need two or more adult education classes are not offered admission and will be referred to their local adult education program. The University will encourage these students to retake our placement tests after completing their adult education work.