Juyoung Shim

Juyoung Shim
Title Assistant Professor of Biology
Telephone 207-621-3027

Jewett Hall, Room 108
UMA Augusta Campus


Dr. Juyoung Katherine Shim joined the UMA biology department after working as a post-doctoral research fellow, studying at how dietary restriction changes gene regulation and lifespan using C. elegans at the MDI Biological Laboratory. She received her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from University of Maine in the laboratory of Dr. Julie Gosse, focused on investigating molecular mechanisms underlying effects of environmental toxicants, such as arsenic and synthetic antimicrobial agent Triclosan, on mast cell and mitochondrial function. Since she and her husband landed in Presque Isle, Maine as international students from Seoul Korea in 1994, they have enjoyed Maine’s outdoor activities and friendly communities. She is very excited to be at the UMA where she teaches basic and advanced A&P, Biochemistry, and pathophysiology. She also hopes to expand her understanding of aging biology and toxicology, to build on the research aimed at understanding how adaptive responses and associated gene regulation maintain healthy tissue function. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, hiking and traveling and she is a licensed hand-acupuncturist from Korea.


University of Maine (2013-2018) PhD. In Biochemistry concentration in Toxicology.
Bates College (2001-2005): BS in Biochemistry.
Hankook University of Foreign Studies (Seoul, Korea): BA in English/ Minor in Education.

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications

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