A Night of Creativity and Connection at UMA Saco’s Paint Night Event

Students at UMA Saco attending Paint Night event

Recently, UMA Saco students gathered for a delightful evening filled with creativity and camaraderie at the Paint Night event, generously sponsored by the Student Association.

The artistic soirée took place at the Center, where students and their guests immersed themselves in the joy of painting “Birch in Winter.” Under the guidance of Elizabeth Daly, the dedicated Student Services Coordinator for the Center, participants explored their artistic talents and expressed themselves through brush strokes and vibrant colors.

One notable aspect of the event was its inclusivity. Recognizing the diverse community at UMA Saco, the Paint Night event was not limited to the physical space of the Center. The event was also broadcast via Zoom to the Women’s Center in Windham, allowing DOC students to join in the creative festivities, fostering a sense of connection and shared experience.

The evening had laughter, shared stories, and the satisfaction of creating unique masterpieces. It was a testament to the vibrant and supportive community that defines UMA Saco.

Special thanks to the to the Student Association for making this event possible, and to Elizabeth Daly for leading the artistic journey. Such events contribute significantly to the overall well-being and sense of belonging within our community.