Announcing 2024 WICCD Faculty, Staff, and Student Awards

Each academic year the WICCD award is given to a student, faculty, and staff member who each embodies WICCD’s mission in their work—a commitment to women, gender, and sexuality while working to challenge injustices and inequalities of all kinds. Nominees can be any gender and can be submitted by any member of the UMA community.

The 2024 WICCD awards are as follows:

terry knight-riddle

Student: Terry Knight-Riddle, Interdisciplinary Major

Terry Knight-Riddle has served as a nurse and advocate for military veterans and their families throughout her life. When she came to UMA, she began to expand her previous experience and education, pursuing the Interdisciplinary Studies major and combining Human Services, Business, and nursing. Through her work in INT 208: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, INT 331: Therapeutic Yoga: Theory and Practice for Self-Care and Holistic Healing, and INT 420: Feminist Praxis for Self and Community Care, Terry has broadened her approach by including an intersectional feminist analysis and framework for her work.

“I am an interdisciplinary studies major at the University of Maine at Augusta, focusing on integrating various fields of human services, nursing, and business. This unique combination equips me with a comprehensive skill set to excel as a Family Assistance Specialist with the military. I chose this degree because it allows me to approach problems from multiple angles, bringing together diverse perspectives and methodologies to find innovative solutions. I understand the complex needs of military families and can provide holistic support by integrating emotional care, healthcare advocacy, and resource management.”

joy steward

Staff: Joy Steward, Coordinator of Student Life: Wellness and Co-Curricular Enrichment

Joy Steward is the Coordinator of Student Life: Wellness and Co-Curricular Enrichment on the Bangor campus. In addition to overseeing the campus fitness center, Joy is actively involved in a number of activities on the Bangor campus that help to build community, connect people, encourage movement and wellness, and work toward food security and environmental stewardship. She organizes, for instance, the spring clean-up, Welcome Back events, the first annual Turkey trot Fun Run/Walk/Watch, and a variety of weekly activities including Zumba, disc golf, soccer, floorball, and pickleball. She’s also involved in managing the food pantry in Lewiston Hall and mini pantry in College Center and facilitating monthly meetings of the Food Security Coalition.

ann kennedy

Faculty: Ann Kennedy, Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Kennedy joined the UMA faculty in the fall of 2022, bringing with her a career of teaching, publishing, and service in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies. Since arriving at UMA, Dr. Kennedy has developed several new courses that enhance the WGS curriculum including The Female Body in Western Culture (to be offered in the fall of 24) and Feminist Abolition: Gender and the Carceral State. She also teaches the Intro to WGS class and Intersections of Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality. Dr. Kennedy also brought with her the feminist zine, Ripple, which was published in the spring of 2023 and will be published again in the spring of 2024. With the generosity of donors, Dr. Kennedy also established a gift fund at UMA, which helps support the production of Ripple and provides an honorarium for the student editor.


WE ARE WICCD!: Women Invigorating Curriculum and Cultivating Diversity

WICCD honors the diversity that exists in Maine by educating our campus and larger community about local, national, and international issues, initiatives, and ideas related to diversity. Because women have been historically underrepresented in social, cultural, political, institutional, and economic spheres, WICCD centers women, gender, and sexuality while working to challenge injustices and inequalities of all kinds. Led by faculty and staff who work toward gender equality and social justice, WICCD provides opportunities for education and engagement to raise awareness around these important intersectional social challenges.