Faculty Highlights | Kathryn Walker

Kathryn WalkerKathryn Walker, UMA Assistant Professor of Dental Health, was appointed to a five-year term in April 2020 by Governor Janet Mills to serve as a member of the Maine Board of Dental Practice (MBDP). The MBDP is a state regulatory agency that meets monthly with a primary focus in the protection of the public through individual dental professional regulation.

In August, Kathryn was asked to be an active member of the Commission on Dental Competency and Assessment (CDCA). The CDCA is a well established, highly respected Board that designs and administers clinical assessments for dental professionals who are competently ready for licensure.

In November, Kathryn completed the American Dental Educators Association (ADEA) Leadership Essentials for Allied Dental Educators Program. This program included over 20 individual dental educators from across the country in an interactive program that promoted leadership and professional development as well as the enhancement of leadership opportunities in the dental profession.