UMA alum made history with Midterm Election

Chenette at a polling site on Election night
Chenette at a polling site on Election night, Photo credit: Natalie Ben-Ami

Justin Chenette 21’, was elected County Commissioner for the Saco area during the recent Midterm Election. In doing so, Chenette made history becoming the 1st Millennial and only openly LGBTQ+ individual elected to serve on the York County Commission.

“I will be successful in this role because of my time at UMA,” says Chenette. “I went back to school because I wanted to combine my various experiences with a classroom education around best governing practices like public budgeting and HR management.”

Commissioners are elected to 4-year terms and are responsible for oversight of county operations including the jail, Sheriff’s office, emergency management, District Attorney’s office, Registry of Deeds, and more.

Chenette previously served as a State Senator and Representative for 8 years and graduated from UMA with a post-baccalaureate in Public Administration in May of 2021.