UMA Dental Health Programs Attends COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic for Healthcare Workers

UMA Dental Health Programs Coordinator Nancy Foster, in UMA mask (photographed getting her injection in real time) received her first of two COVID-19 Vaccine.
UMA Dental Health Programs Coordinator Nancy Foster

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) in Bangor held a vaccination clinic for healthcare workers at an event on January 23. The UMA Dental Health Programs’ faculty, staff, and students were provided the opportunity to take part and receive the first dose of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and 26 participated in the event.

Dental Health Programs Coordinator and Associate Professor of Dental Health, Nancy Foster was one of several members of the UMA Dental Health Program that received a COVID-19 vaccine during the clinic. “We grateful that EMMC included individuals in the UMA Dental Health Program as part of the clinic,” stated Professor Foster. “To have the opportunity to receive this vaccine just 6 weeks after the FDA’s approval for emergency use authorization is simply amazing.”

Also taking part in the clinic were healthcare providers including area dental practitioners and their support staff. Nancy reported that it was “exciting to see so many people participating” with an estimated 800 people scheduled on this one day.  She observed the positive energy, optimistic outlook, and feelings of hope by the participants for the end of this pandemic, something she has not experienced for a long while.