UMA Presents on High Impact Student Program at National Organization Conference Held in Rhode Island

Katie Ebert of the UMA Rockland Center and Shelley Taylor of the UMA Brunswick Center presented on UMA’s high-impact program “The Student Institute” at the Region I NACADA conference in Rhode Island on February 22nd.

With over 100 student affairs professionals in attendance at the presentation, Ebert and Taylor discussed the development, implementation, and delivery of “The Student Institute,” giving universities across all of New England and part of Canada a blueprint for creating a similar program at their schools.

The Student Institute provides UMA students with the opportunity to: identify personal and professional goals, integrate academic and career plans, develop a peer network, and get matched with a faculty mentor inside their major. The institute sees faculty and advisors collaborate to deliver this zero-cost program offered to 40 UMA students every fall and spring.

Reflecting on the opportunity to speak at the conference, Ebert said “As the Student Services Coordinator at UMA Rockland Center, I am proud to represent UMA as an institution and to be able to showcase our commitment to developing and delivering innovative, student-centered programming like ‘The Student Institute’. College students succeed and get the most out of their college experience when they develop strong relationships with faculty. This program is designed to build those supportive relationships that are critical for student success.”

katie ebert
Katie Ebert
MSU photo by Kelly Gorham
shelley taylor
Shelley Taylor


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