UMA Professor Receives Bangor Pride Rainbow Award for Healing

sarah pride award 2024 1

Dr. Sarah Hentges, professor of transdisciplinary cultural studies, and founder and lead curator of The Spiral Goddess Collective, a Center for Mind/Body Movement was presented with a Bangor Pride Rainbow Award on Saturday, June 22nd. Sarah received the Orange award for Healing, which “recognizes individuals who have made notable efforts to promote healing, wellness, and mental health awareness.”

Sarah Hentges (she/they/we) is deeply committed to promoting health, wellness, and mental health awareness in the Bangor community. As the founder of The Spiral Goddess Collective and a professor at UMA Bangor, she provides opportunities for healing through feminist, queer, trauma-informed embodied movement, making these modalities accessible to all members of the community regardless of financial means. Sarah’s dedication to healing and supporting others makes her a true hero in the community.