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UMA Professors’ Art shared this fall with audiences across the United States

This fall, Associate Professor of Art Peter Precourt’s Katrina Chronicles I-V was featured in a solo exhibit at the Fort Lewis College, Art & Design Gallery in Durango, Colorado. Professor Precourt participated in the exhibit opening in October and held a mini-residency while at Fort Lewis College. The exhibit features mixed media drawings and paintings representing Precourt’s personal experiences with Hurricane Katrina. Previous exhibits of The Katrina Chronicles I-V include UMA’s own Danforth Gallery and San Jacinto College in Houston, Texas.

Additionally, Professor of Art Robert Katz’s work was permanently installed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall. The Five Books of Moses exhibit is located in the heart of campus at MIT’s Building 16, on the 4th floor corridor between the new Nanotechnology Building and the Center for Gynepathology Research. In his mixed media sculptures, Katz uses found objects to illustrate the first five books of the Bible, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Previous exhibits of the Five Books of Moses include, the Derfner Judaica Museum in Riverdale, New York and the Maine Jewish Museum, Portland, Maine.

  • The Five Books of Moses was installed at MIT.
    The Five Books of Moses, the mixed media work of UMA Professor of Art Robert Katz, was permanently installed at MIT.

UMA is pleased that Professors Katz and Precourt’s works are being shared with others across the country. Learn more about UMA’s Art Program.