Why Art at UMA?

Your Art B.A. from UMA will change the way you think, see, make, and design. Art students at UMA balance artistic studio practice with an interdisciplinary liberal arts education, developing different models of artistic practice, learning traditional and new media, expressing their ideas visually, collaborating with their community, and thinking critically.

Courses offered in this department help develop a student’s passion for creativity and scholarship into a valuable combination of visual, research, perceptual, and conceptual skills that are increasingly in demand in the 21st century workplace. Students are trained to become creative specialists with the ability to see, think, share, invent, and problem-solve in the quickly-evolving communities and workplaces of our time.

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UMA Art student Luke MyersAt UMA, professors are very accommodating, knowing that commute and distance learning are challenges that students and teachers must face together.

– Luke Meyers

UMA Art student Aylah IrelandI was searching for a school with a sense of community where I would feel comfortable sharing my ideas. UMA was a good choice for me because of the hybrid style of learning in a classroom and online.

– Aylah Ireland