Why Art at UMA?

UMA Art Professor & Student

By developing different models of artistic practice, by learning to work in multiple areas of the arts, including traditional and new media, by expressing your ideas visually and by learning to problem-solve, collaborate and think critically, you will be uniquely ready to respond to the needs of the future and, as an artist, contribute to new and evolving economic and social realities.

You can explore careers in

  • Professional practice and exhibiting
  • Creative economy and entrepreneurship
  • Design in publications, exhibitions, advertising
  • Media and digital content creation in entertainment or business
  • Cultural and community collaborations

UMA Art student Luke MyersAt UMA, professors are very accommodating, knowing that commute and distance learning are challenges that students and teachers must face together.

– Luke Meyers

UMA Art student Aylah IrelandI was searching for a school with a sense of community where I would feel comfortable sharing my ideas. UMA was a good choice for me because of the hybrid style of learning in a classroom and online.

– Aylah Ireland

Sample Curriculum

Students should take all Math/English placement tests before beginning classes

First Year Fall (First 15 Credits) First Year Spring (Credits 16-30)
ARH 105 ARH 106
ART 112 ART 113
ART 115 ART 215
ENG 101 ENG 102
Math 1XX COM 1XX

Students may not use more than (3) ART courses for 9 of the General Electives credits

Second Year Fall   (Credits 31-45) Second Year Spring (Credits 46-60)
ART 210 ART 202
ART 219 ART 221

Foreign Language I


History Sequence I

Foreign Language II


History Sequence I

General Elective General Elective II

Students should submit for Portfolio Review upon completing the core

Third Year Fall   (Credits 60-76) Third Year Spring (Credits 77-91)
ARH 274 (may skip if taking ARH 375) ARH 375 (may skip if taking ARH 274)
ART 3XX General Elective III
Social Science Elective I Social Science Elective I
Lab Science Elective (4 credit) ENG 3XX or above

Students Are strongly urged to consider pursuing their internship (ART 496) over the summer between their junior and senior year – If not- take during either semester of senior year Art 420 and ART 430 must be taken in sequence

Fourth Year Fall   (Credits 92-107) Third Year Spring (Credits 107-121)
ART 496 ART 430
ART 420 ART 3XX or higher
ART 3XX / ARH3XX higher ART 3XX /   ARH3XX higher
General Elective IV General Elective VI
General Elective V General Elective VII

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the UMA Art Department will be able to do the following:

  • Think critically, integrate research from a multiplicity of resources and creatively solve problems
  • Create, share, deconstruct and understand visual images, which are an essential component of 21st century culture
  • Prepare a quality application for post-baccalaureate degree programs in the arts with a documented portfolio of a thematic body of work, artist statement and letter of intention
  • Demonstrate a strong foundation and understanding of the elements and principles of art and design
  • Demonstrate an understanding of major art movements and significant artists past and present
  • Create a body of work and understand professional practice expectations in order to exhibit professionally
  • Effectively advocate for art both within the various disciplines and within the community
  • Understand the creative potential of new technologies