Virginia Maksymowicz Artist Talk: “Undeniable Metaphors: The Human Body, Architecture and Meaning”

April 19, 2021 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Sculpture: Fiberglas/resin and Hydrostone; approximately 6.5 feet high, Installation at the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA, 2020
Virginia Maksymowicz, “Panis Angelicus”

Virginia Maksymowicz, Artist and Professor Emerita in the Franklin & Marshall College Department of Art, Art History and Film in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will give UMA’s community insight into her artwork and process in a noontime artist’s talk April 19 via Zoom.

Maksymowicz writes, “My artwork in recent years has followed a complex visual trail of architectural and figurative elements. I am interested in the metaphorical implications of the human body when tied to place: buildings, fountains and other structures.

The link between the body and architecture is an ancient one, extending back to megalithic passage tombs and continuing through to this day. Buildings can be designed to reflect human proportions, as well to directly incorporate sculptural representations of the human form. The architectural convention of caryatids, women’s bodies placed in the service of structural columns, has particularly inspired me as the visual summation of human life and women’s fundamental role in supporting it. But I am interested as well in bones, teeth and all things bodily.”

Get more information on Maksymowicz’s work here.

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Join via Zoom on April 19th