The emerging field of Data Science is based on the essential skills necessary to perform in a data-centric society.  A data scientist is naturally interdisciplinary, with the ability to interpret and communicate findings, and apply problem-solving, analytical, critical thinking and decision making skills in the workplace.

Five years ago, a bachelor’s degree in Data Science was nearly non-existent in the world. Now, the field is one of the fastest growing academic specializations, with over 70 programs nationwide in 2019. UMA’s completely online Data Science program engages students from around the world to fill the demand for data-driven decision making in all sectors and industries.

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UMA’s approach to Data Science – a multi-disciplinary study of computing, statistics, and social sciences will prepare graduates for the jobs available today. Furthermore, as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning become more ubiquitous in society, the core curriculum will find a growing demand across all computing fields of study.

— Rocko Graziano
Lecturer in Data Science/Machine Learning