Dental Hygiene at UMA

A program in dental hygiene provides an attractive opportunity to men and women interested in health careers who enjoy attention to detail, utilizing fine motor skills, and interacting with others. In as little as 3 years, you can become a licensed dental professional providing patient care as an important member of the dental team.

UMA offers the only accredited Dental Hygiene program at a public institution in Maine with tuition nearly 75% less than an in-state private school. UMA offers both a three year Associate in Science in Dental Hygiene degree with the option to complete one additional year to earn a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. Class size is limited to 20 therefore students receive careful monitoring of progress in a supportive atmosphere.

A flexible schedule and an appealing income, typically without working nights, weekends or holidays with your education provided at a highly-regarded, state of the art facility are all reasons to select this profession and attend UMA.

Rachel Ruel, UMA Dental Hygiene StudentThe Dental Hygiene Program allows me to achieve a fulfilling, flexible career with a great starting salary. Receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Dental Hygiene allows me to choose a career path that ranges from working at a dental office to being a sales representative in the dental field.

– Rachel Ruel

Bryanne Starbird, UMA Dental Hygiene Student

In just one semester I have learned so much about dental hygiene. They say you learn something new every day; well, that sure is true with this profession. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!

– Bryanne Starbird

Get to the Heart of the Matter

The Dental Hygiene Program combines advanced dental health courses with general studies classes so that students are both well rounded and ready upon graduation to perform clinical services such as patient assessment, instrumentation, dental radiography, application of fluorides and sealants, and administration of local anesthesia. Students are also skilled as oral health educators to teach patients and the community the principles of preventive oral health care.

You will take…

A curriculum which is designed to give the student a well-rounded foundation in the health sciences, specific knowledge and clinical skills in the dental sciences, and an understanding in the humanities. The clinical courses are offered at the Programs’ on site-clinic where patients from the community serve as the primary learning experiences.

You will graduate with the ability to…

Transition seamlessly from the program to several career options of clinical practice, schools and public health agencies where the occupational outlook is strong and demand is rising for graduates. Continued opportunities in career growth are possible through UMA’s Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene program or as a registered dental hygienist in UMA’s Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) program.

Sample Curriculum

Fall Semester Spring Semester
BIO 210 Anatomy & Physiology 4 BIO 280 Intro To Human Disease 3
CHY 108 Allied Health Chemistry 4 BIO 321 Microbiology 4
ENG 101 College Writing 3 COM 101/102 Communications 3
PSY 100 Intro to Psychology 3 MAT XXX MAT 111 or higher 3
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology 3 XXX XXX (W) Humanities  (Writing Intensive) 3
17 16
Fall Semester Spring Semester
DEH 200 Preclinical DH 4 DEH 250 Clinical DH I 2
DEH 201 Preclinical DH Theory 5 DEH 251 Clinical DH Theory I 2
DEH 202 Head/Neck Anatomy, Histology & Embryology 5 DEH 225 Professionalism 1
DEH 203 Dental Radiology 2 DEH 252 Oral Pathology 2
DEH 204 Dental Radiology Lab 2 DEH 254 Nutrition in Oral Health 2
DEH 255 Oral Health Considerations for Target Populations 3
DEH 302 Pharmacology 3
18 16
Fall Semester Spring Semester
DEH 300 Clinical DH II 3 DEH 350 Clinical DH III 4
DEH 301 Clinical DH Theory II 3 DEH 351 DH Theory III 2
DEH 303 Periodontology 2 DEH 352 Dental Specialties 2
DEH 304 Dental Anxiety & Pain Management 3 DEH 353 Community Dentistry II 2
DEH 305 Community Dentistry I 2 DEH 354 Ethics & Jurisprudence 2
13 12
Fall Semester Spring Semester
DEH 449 Current Concepts in DH I 3 DEH 489 Current Concepts in DH II 3
ENG 317W Professional Writing 3 MAT 115 Elementary Statistics 3
XXX XXX Fine Arts Requirement 3 CIS 100/101 Computer Science 3
XXX XXX Humanities Requirement 3 XXX XXX Cultural Diversity Requirement 3
12 12
DEH 400 Dental Hygiene Practicum 6
DEH 494 Independent Study
DEH 380 Preclinical Expanded Functions

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  1. competently practice dental hygiene in a variety of health care and educational settings
  2. demonstrate concern for the quality of care
  3. exhibit an intellectual curiosity which will enable them to respond to a changing profession and society