Executive Officers

Staci H. Warren


President and Secretary
Staci H. Warren, ’05 & ‘11

Major(s): A.A. / B.A. Liberal Studies
Minors: Psychology; Behavioral Science



Lisa Bowden


Lisa Bowden, ’11 &  ’14

A.S. Business Administration
B.S.B.A. Business Management


Board Members

Joyce Blanchard, ’84 & ’93

Majors: A.S. Business Administration
B.S. Business Administration
Addt’l education: M.S.Ed. from University of Southern Maine




Nathan Grant

Nathan Grant, ’08

Major: Social Sciences
Addt’l education: M.P.P.M. from University of Southern Maine




Jay McGouldrick

Jared McGouldrick, ’04 & ‘06

Major(s): A.S. Criminal Justice
B.S. Public Administration